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"Episodes of Exposure" A dance installation by Susan Bendall

BY D11@Docklands - Artist Led Space | 24-Jun-2014
Episodes of Exposure - A dance installation. Susan Bendall. D11 @ Docklands Rear gallery. Sunday June 29, 4pm. Performance starts at 4.30
Venue: D11 @ Docklands Artist Led Space
Address: Shop 3/427, Docklands Drive, Docklands, Melbourne, 3008
Date: 29 June 2014
Time: 4pm
Ticket: Its Free!!
Web: http://d11artists.wix.com/d11-ari
: https://www.facebook.com/events/665407363534189/
EMail: deliver_ed@optusnet.com.au
Call: 0401298026
"Episodes of Exposure"
A dance installation
Susan Bendall

"Episodes of Exposure" A dance installation Susan Bendall D11 @ Docklands Rear gallery Sunday June 29, 4pm Performance starts at 4.30pm In this work, I identify some of the relationships between dance writer, the act of dancing and dance performance by displacing the writer into the space usually occupied by the dancer and dance-maker. This process creates “episodes of exposure” for the writer. Hence I am investigating the complements and antagonisms inherent between written and embodied language and attempt to locate some of their interstices. I also consider how my participation in dancing informs my production of written text about dance.

My methodologies have included creating parallel written and danced texts, which read together, serve to reveal many of the dispositions underlying my writing on dance. I also directly dance elements of my own text and attempt to physically inhabit the words I have written. Finally, in this dance installation, I seek to synthesise and resolve elements of thinking and practice, combining live text and movement with video documentation of practice. Conceptually, I refer to the acts of both writing about dance and dancing itself as potentially dialogic in nature; possessing a multiplicity of “voices” that may intersect or clash but which finally explicate one another. I further argue that the fixity of language and the evaluative nature of some dance writing can be released via a phenomenological sensing through movement. During this work, I would like to invite you to follow my example by adding text commentary or by making a physical response.