PS Art Space presents Matthew Thorley & Brooke Leeder "Structural Dependency" solo exhibition and Performance Season

Published by: Matthew Thorley | 4-Oct-2018
STRUCTURAL DEPENDENCY suggests the desire for movement. Thorley constructs objects that encourage a state of flux and invite the viewer to respond physically. The subtle movement that takes place between the object, the viewer and this immersive space constructed by the artist; creates a tension and a desire to participate in this quiet dance. These artworks prompt the viewer to practice a softened focus and acknowledge a moment of contemplation. He endeavours to develop a contemporary articulation of a constructed space to pursue other lines of inquiry through the use of these objects.
Venue: PS Art Space
Address: 22-26 Pakenham St. FREMANTLE WA 6160 AUSTRALIA
Date: Friday 16th November 2018
Time: 6:30pm
Call: (08) 9430 8145
Matthew Thorley is a multi-disciplinary artist investigating positive and negative space in the built environment. Focusing on detail while utilising automated precision. Inspired by contemporary architecture's reduction of elements and an emphasis on form, Thorley extrapolates selective aspects concerned with the study of light interacting with reflective surfaces.

This performance season will merge dancers, space and sound, within an expansive yet intimate environment. An immersive and participatory experience where dance and sculpture collide. Structural Dependency Live Event is a collaboration between visual artist Matthew Thorley, choreographer Brooke Leeder, the dancers and the audience.


Brooke Leeder is a Choreographer based in Perth and created her first full length work, Mechanic at PSAS and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Choreography and the Dance Australia Critic's Choice Award for Mechanic. Brooke's work delves into form and structure, the interconnection of the dancers bodies and the space. She is interested in durational work, how to play with long, repetitious choreography, setting up systems and patterns, creating hypnotic, mesmerising and highly physical choreography.

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