Prudence Mak Solo Art Exhibition: Case Blu

Published by: New Point Art | 9-Oct-2023
Internationally renowned artist Prudence Mak, creator of Chocolate Rain, is embarking on a captivating artistic journey in Sydney this October and November. Chocolate Rain is a brand that transports people to beautiful and dreamy stories set in a world of imagination. Prudence Mak will showcase a diverse range of iconic artworks, each brimming with creativity and imagination. @NewPointArt
Venue: Room 205 Gallery
Address: 205 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
Date: 25 Oct - 7 Nov 2023
Time: 10:00 to 17:00
Ticket: Free
Call: 0492509587
Prudence Mak Solo Art Exhibition: Case Blu
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Image Copyright / CDN: NewPointArt
Case Blu
Highlights include the landscape between colorful childhood dreams and blue moon night silence; an impressive 3-meter Inflatables Art, a groundbreaking crossover project with the contemporary art sensation, Frog King. In addition, Mak will introduce her latest masterpiece, the 3D Fatina, featuring an array of enchanting designs, including mushrooms, gourds, and more. This stunning collection will make its debut at the art exhibition, offering a visual feast for art enthusiasts and dreamers alike. Prudence Mak gained fame for her unique and whimsical artistic creations that are inspired by childhood dreams, wonderland adventures, and a love for nature and the environment.

Mak's design work has been exhibited and distributed internationally, including the MoMA, Tate Modern, British Museum and Guggenheim Museum, and its collection and illustration were commissioned projects for brands. The art encompasses various mediums, including 3D art, painting, figurine sculptures, giant inflatable balloons, and handcrafted accessories. Her work has garnered awards and recognition, and she has been celebrated for her ability to transport viewers into a world of imagination through her art.

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