Prudence Mak, Creator of Chocolate Rain Brings the first blend of traditional Chinese ink painting and Pop Art to The Other Art Fair in Sydney

Published by: New Point Art | 10-May-2024
Prudence Mak, a highly acclaimed Hong Kong artist with numerous international awards, will unveil a groundbreaking fusion of traditional Chinese ink painting and Pop Art at The Other Art Fair in Sydney, from May 16 to 19, 2024, at the White Bay Cruise Terminal. Her inaugural exhibition "Sea of Life” at The Other Art Fair promises to offer a unique perspective on the philosophy of life as depicted by Zhuangzi, a renowned Chinese philosopher
Venue: White Bay Cruise Terminal
Address: 2041 James Craig Rd, Rozelle NSW 2039, Australia
Date: 16/05/2024
Ticket: 24.24
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 0492509587
New merging of traditional Chinese artistic ink techniques with contemporary Pop Art aesthetics

Prudence Mak's latest collection represents her inaugural exploration into merging traditional Chinese artistic ink techniques with contemporary Pop Art aesthetics, she employs techniques such as "splashing ink," "blank space to push the boundaries of classical Chinese and modern Western art paradigms. The exhibition aims to seamlessly blend over two decades of design experience and Western art essence into innovative ink artworks, influenced by ink art master Mr. Leung Kui Ting. This significant milestone in her artistic journey seeks to fuse ink, design, Western art, creativity, and traditional ink elements, offering audiences a refreshing and immersive experience. Inspired by Su Shi's poem "Mist and Rain in the Mountain Lu Shan," titled "Sea of Life," the collection delves into the stages of seeking truth in life, evoking a sense of anticipation and longing before firsthand experience.

New Presence of Fatina
In Prudence’s imaginative realm, Fatina - a puppet adorned with a mushroom hat, embodies the essence of childhood dreams. With eyes closed, she symbolizes the joy and happiness of dreaming with the heart. Like Prudence's unwavering persistence in art, Fatina represents the courage to pursue one's dreams. In this exhibition, Fatina presents a fresh appearance, venturing through a world of Chocolate Rain and embracing the dynamic colors of ink. Amidst tranquil mountain forests, she contrasts with the serene landscape, soaring through clouds and mist with boundless freedom.

The Exhibition has Three Distinctive Parts:
Part One: Works of Scrolls and Long Scrolls
The first part of the exhibition comprises a series of scrolls and long scrolls measuring 2 feet by 8 feet, featuring the theme of waves and tide watching. These pieces symbolize the different stages of life, drawing inspiration from Zhuangzi's philosophy. Prudence seamlessly integrates classical imagery with modern pop art elements, inviting viewers on a journey of reflection and introspection.

Part Two: Three-Dimensional Sculptures
Featuring the iconic mushroom-headed Fatina and 3-meter height inflatable Frog King X Chocolate collaborative artworks, these 3D creations blend traditional sculpture techniques with contemporary pop art aesthetics, infusing vibrant colors and streamlined shapes.

Part Three: Works of Ink and Mixed Media
Exploring the fluidity and expressive power of calligraphy and painting, where 'East meets West,' she designs ancient characters to journey through a dreamlike ink wonderland. She injects bold and bright pop art colors to create a visual contrast between traditional calligraphy and painting elements and contemporary pop aesthetics.

Prudence Mak stated, “In art creation, integrating different cultures and elements is a challenge, but it is also a rich and interesting process. The creative process must consider cultural differences, stylistic unity, and balance. I believe it will bring new imagination and physical and spiritual experiences to art lovers.”

Prudence Mak's visionary art promises a captivating and transformative experience, uniting cultures and inspiring art lovers worldwide. Don't miss the chance to see her new works at The Other Art Fair and delve into the realm of creativity and cultural fusion.

Event Details:
Title: The Other Art Fair
Date: May 16 – 19, 2024
Opening Night: May 16, 2024 5:00pm -10:00pm
Venue: White Bay Cruise Terminal, 2041 James Craig Rd., New South Wales

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