PROFOUND ABSURITY is coming to Surry Hills, Sydney

Published by: GWA (aka Wade Goring) | 23-Jun-2019
Illustrator and digital artist GWA (aka Wade Goring) presents PROFOUND ABSURDITY, the latest batch for his weird and wild creations at m2 Gallery 4/450 Elizabeth Street Surry Hill, Sydney from July 24 - 30. Open 12pm - 7pm daily. Special VIP night Friday July 26, 6pm - 9pm.
Venue: m2 Gallery
Address: 4 / 450 Elizabeth Street Surry Hills
Date: July 24 - 30
Time: 12pm - 7pm daily
Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources including comics, street art, advertising, social media, queer culture and organised religion, GWA's work could be categorised as pop surrealism through the lens of the gay male sensibility - if you wanna get pretentious about it.

"The weirder the better" the artist has said in describing his work. "We are living in absurd times. So much around us doesn't make any sense, from who our leaders are to the decisions that they make to the continued ignorance of the human race regarding our impending extinction via climate change to the rise of alt right ideology whose subversion of free speak and freedom of religion is the height of hypocrisy". He continues "I think my work reflects our world's absurdity. There's often a contradiction in what I'm presenting, largely in the use of bright appealing colours. Beyond the colours is a darker concept or idea. It shocks in a mild way and has humour but I hope a story is told too".

Regarding his practice, the artist had to say "From my experience 'Digital art' is still a mystery to many people particularly the art world establishment at large. I don't think we are going to see a digital artist win an Archibald any time soon. At exhibitions and arts fairs people have asked me how I create my works and as soon as I say 'digital art' I see their expression change followed by the comment 'so the computer made it'. I don't take offence, well, not too much, its a relatively new medium but it's rapidly on the rise. By exhibiting my work in a gallery space I hope that it alters the perception of what digitally produced art can look like and the ideas it can express whilst still being art you might want to hang on your wall".

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