Profile of Redbubble artist Ruta Dumalakaite

Published by: Sandra Di Francesco / Swinburne University | 2-Aug-2016
Being an artist is no easy feat however following your dreams can open you up to a world of possibilities as in the case of Lithuanian born artist Ruta Dumalakaite. #redbubble @redbubble
"Never stop dreaming and all dreams will come true one day. And never lose the child inside you, there is no need to grow up," said Dumalakiate.

Dumalakaite born in 1985 in Vilnius began her art studies in M.K. ÄŒiurlionis International School of Art. She then set up studio in Cyprus and recently came to Melbourne.

Dumalakaite said she started looking for possibilities to expose her art on the internet to share her ideas around the world and found Redbubble.

Redbubble is an online art platform that supports artists selling their work internationally.

"Redbubble helped me to find my audience around the world, to share my art, to pass my message to the people said Dumalakaite."

She receives money by selling her art via Redbubble and has increased her profits and her online presence too said Dumalakaite.

She said that it's hard for artists to survive financially today especially at the start when no one knows you.

However through Redbubble you don't need to be a famous artist to be successful. All artists are treated equally and its open for everyone said Dumalakaite.

She said that she had an amazing time working inside Redbubble's office in Melbourne as part of the Artists in Residence Program with other international artists. It gave her new skills as well as sharing of ideas with other artists.

For Dumalakaite, Melbourne is an art capital of the world. She said that she feels that people need original art and it is affordable here.

"Melbourne is a very inspiring city, I travel a lot, but here is first a city full of awesome street art and murals, exhibition openings and festivals during summer said, "Dumalakaite.

She added that in Australia, nature is easily accessible. It is all around you even in the city, with animals like possums living in the parks, birds like parrots in trees in her garden.

Her biggest interest in animals is that we still cannot ask their opinions, their needs, their thoughts she said. We don't include them into our lives, except as pets and animals that we grow for food said Dumalakaite.

Her main inspiration for her art comes from the connections between humans and nature she said.

Her hope and vision for the future is to create more works which reflect her beliefs and thoughts about this ''beautiful paradise'' named Earth said Dumalakaite.

"I seek to show the magical part of living and how happy we should be of having this opportunity to be here. I believe that we humans are creating our future, it's just the question what vision shall we follow? I want to paint that vision, "said Dumalakaite.

For aspiring artists she said to follow your dreams and work hard to make this dream come true and you will be surprised how many opportunities will open new doors.

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