Print From Original "Declaration of Independence" Painting Released By Greenwich Workshop

Published by: The Greenwich Workshop | 16-Jun-2016
For the first time ever, leading fine art publishers The Greenwich Workshop have been granted unique access to reproduce one of America's most iconic revolutionary era paintings, John Trumbull's "The Declaration of Independence, July 4th 1776".
Recognized as one of Trumbull's best works, The Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776 is an artistic and historical masterpiece, depicting a seminal moment in US History. The painting includes portraits of 48 of the 56 signers and 5 other patriots. Trumbull painted at least 36 members and the room from life.

"The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776" was a labor of love for John Trumbull for over 30 years. He received support for the project from Thomas Jefferson himself. "I began the composition of the Declaration of Independence, with the assistance of [Jefferson's] information and advice." Trumbull once said.

Until now, publishers have had to rely on material from unknown sources, often leading to poor quality prints that fail to create an accurate reproduction of the original masterpiece. "The only way to truly match an original is with a high quality digital file of the original painting produced by a professional under the proper conditions. The Yale University Art Gallery provided us with such a file through their Open Access Program." Greenwich Workshop's Bob Hixon said.

This is the first time Yale has given any publisher access to the painting for color and tonal corrections. This has allowed The Greenwich Workshop to achieve an unrivalled quality previously not seen for this work. In addition to the superior quality of the image, the longevity of the product is also noteworthy. "Most of the cheaper reproductions on the market will fade within a few years. We use archival ink along with a high quality canvas that is free of optical brighteners. Our canvases are rated to hold their color for 100 years." Hixon continued. "We thank the Yale University Art Gallery for allowing us this unprecedented access to the painting."

For the first time in its history, members of the public will be able to purchase copies of the print, exactly as the artist intended. The painting itself not only depicts a moment in US history, the painting is itself a part of US history. Greenwich Workshop is offering the public the opportunity to purchase this iconic piece of art from their galleries. You can see and purchase this work at

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