Premiere musical about Einstein lands at Theatre Works in St Kilda this June.

Published by: Sassy Red PR | 14-Jun-2016
To every story there's a different point of view. #EinsteinTheMusical
Venue: Theatre Works
Address: 14 Acland Street, St Kilda
Date: 30 June - 10 July, 2016
Time: Tue - Sat 7:30pm, Sun 4pm, 1.30pm Sat 9 July
Ticket: $35 Full, $30 Con, $28 Grps 6+, $25 Student
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 03 9534 3388
Running from 30 June to 10 July at Theatre Works in St Kilda, 'Einstein: Master of the Universe' is a compelling new Australian musical by writer and lyricist Jess Newman. Featuring an ambitious score of original songs and performed by a cast of some of theatre's brightest young talent, it invites audiences into the little known, tumultuous personal life of iconic physicist Albert Einstein.

Classified as the worst student in his graduating class, Einstein's determination and obsession with physics is essentially his making, and his undoing. Blessed with a great mind and an insatiable enthusiasm for questioning everything, is the price he pays too dear on his pursuit to understand how our universe works?

Not a topic you'd usually associate with a premiere Australian musical, writer Jess Newman explains how the work came to be, "Everywhere I looked I saw his face and his theory. He's still such an icon but so few people know the amazing story, and the man behind the icon. Einstein's ideas and emotional life are too large to be set only to words. The moment I started to discover his surprising story, I heard music."

Featuring live, animated projections by local Animation Artist and Gamer Jack Crosby, 'Einstein: Master of the Universe' is a biomusical that will employ new media techniques with its staging. It will take audiences through shifting locations with a design reminiscent of an animated notebook, mirroring the never ending machinations of Einstein's brain.

Promising to be a dynamic new piece of theatre, Einstein: Master of the Universe examines the fame, the fortune, the loves of his life"¦ and the loss of them. It's a unique premiere season not to be missed.

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