Premiere- A-pop-olyptic debut EP and Tour- an A/V journey though the Anthropocene Era

Published by: Stephane Copeta | 13-Oct-2019
The Omega Point's a-pop-olyptic, conceptual debut EP 'Reservoir' and release Tour tackles anxiety, climate  crisis and technological acceleration
Address: Tour Dates in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne- see notes
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New Melbourne based electronic/ neo-psych project, The Omega Point, will be promoting the release of their debut EP 'Reservoir' (out Nov 1st) on an East Coast tour, visiting Sydney, Newcastle , Brisbane and  and additionally they will launch the music video 'Virus' at their final date in Melbourne.  Their debut EP 'Reservoir, mastered by Joe Carra (King Gizzard, Pond, The Murlocks), imagines a pocket of untouched nature on a ravaged planet, an oasis amongst the darkest days of the Anthropocene era, an epoch defined by nuclear tests, plastic pollution and mass extinction. It's contemplative and occasionally groovy doom-and-gloom. The EP will be released as a wearable USB"¦

'Like a Jordorowsky film inside a band'Tek tek Ensemble's Paul Dornau, Melbourne based The Omega Point create electronic music garnished with vocoders, oscillating synths, neo-psychedelic guitar saturation and strange pop melodies. TOP is the brainchild of Australian artist Alexandra Moon, and Paul Michel from Mexico. The video for their single Virus, filmed in Berlin, inside an empty DDR Swimming pool and an old  DDR radio station in the years Alexandra was living there, was directed as a collaboration between Alexandra Moon and surrealist Israeli artist Hadas Hinkis. To be released December 16


Catch them live for a sonic experience blended with spoken word, video projection and macabre predictions on the future of humanity. 

Sydney November 14th, Fredas
Newcastle November 18th, Softies Clubhouse 
Brisbane November 20th,
The Junkbar Melbourne December 16th (Virus Video Launch) Northcote Social Club

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