Published by: Martim Barroso | 22-May-2023
Martim Barroso, London-based Curator and Director of TOKYO PARK, will exhibit never-before-seen Japanese Ultra-contemporary artworks from Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka Post-Superflat Artists at Spiral Galleries in Shoreditch, from June 16th to June 25th, 2023. @tokyoparkgallery #onnanoko #tokyopark #tokyoparkgallery #postsuperflat #japaneseexhibition #shoreditchpopup #spiralgalleries
Venue: Spiral Galleries
Address: 44a Charlotte Road, EC2A 3PD, London
Date: June 16th to 25th
Time: on June 16th, from 5 pm to 7 pm. remaining days, 10 am to 7 pm
Ticket: Free
Web: https://www.tokyoparkgallery.com/exhibitions
: https://www.instagram.com/tokyoparkgallery/
EMail: info@tokyoparkgallery.com
Call: 07597298732
“Women – a collective that has been Humanity’s favourite source of Culture, Beauty, and Artistic Inspiration. For millennia, Femininity has morphed into depictions of goddesses, heroines and pioneers – strong figures that enchant and entrap its viewers in galleries and museums.

Even after the apparent disuse of academic dogmas in Art, the representation of the Female Sitter and Artist, has changed its context and symbolism to modern standards, but maintained its imponent popularity” - Martim Barroso from TOKYO PARK claims.

The young Curator will carry out a second Japanese group exhibition, following the success of Tokyo Colours, Shoreditch’s first ever group exhibition focused on Japan’s newest generation of artistic expression: Post-Superflat. A commercial exhibition that hosted a collection of paintings made by critically acclaimed Tokyoites.

In order to capture a fair representation of the theme Onna No Ko (‘Girl’ or ‘Young Woman’ in Japanese), the Art Director decided to surpass the former number of participants. Expanding from 5 to 9 talented artists based in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and UK, all empowered and inspired by female imagery, they will present their personal interpretations through diverse mediums, colour palettes and iconography:

The charismatic painter, graphic designer, and DJ: Sakurai Hajime. Inspired by Pop Illustration, Retro Pin-up and 1950s-60s advertisement, the Osaka-based artist is a veteran in streetwear collabs and marketing illustration, and a versatile painter.

One of youngest participants, Hinano Niimi, is an Art student at the University of West England. She experiments on the image of anime girls, deconstructing and distorting the characters, challenging the perception of the viewer. Onna No Ko will be her gallery exhibition debut.

Famous for the representation and celebration of the Shibuya-born 'Gal' community, Isayamax is a painter and graphic designer, with an extensive portfolio of collaborations with brands such as Sanrio, New Balance, and with a few Japanese Idols.

Miyano Kaori is a young Tokyo-based artist specialised in Shoujo art. Shoujo is a Manga and Anime genre targeted to young girls, it normally presents romantic, slice of life and friendship stories, following an iconic art style known for the depiction of long brightly-dyed haired large-eyed schoolgirls and beautiful feminine-faced romantic interests.

Inspired by the moon itself, Osaka-based Kayoko Sekiya is a young artist specialised in dream-like compositions, solely inhabited by a young girl, who embraces the Moon and its mythic environment. Mayumi Konno returns to TOKYO PARK for a second exhibition. Konno is critically acclaimed for her original character: a young girl with a mysterious gaze, who is commonly immersed in abstract and photoshop-like backgrounds.

In a world ruled by SNS, likes and follower counts, Someta draws "insta-perfect" selfies (portraits) of young women.

Influenced by more traditional strains of Japanese art, Syuka blends Nihonga, Surrealist and symbolic features unto her portraits. Flowers and architectural elements fuse with the female sitters, creating unparallel divine beings.

Shirane Yutanpo is a Japanese icon of pin-up and line drawing. The artist and illustrator holds an endless portfolio of fashion and marketing collaborations with brands such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Daiso, Sanrio, Beams Japan and Shōnen Jump.

Martim Barroso extends his welcome to all art enthusiasts from UK and abroad, interested in learning and witnessing the newest artistic expressions that Japan currently offers: "Onna No Ko is an homage to Humanity's oldest source of artistic inspiration: Women. An endless and beautiful theme that deserves the most contemporary Japanese perspective and an attentive audience. I wish to invite everyone to join us and explore the powerful subject that is Femininity as painter, sitter and muse." The Preview will be held on June 16th, 5 pm at Spiral Galleries, 44a Charlotte Road, EC2A 3PD, London.

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