Playful, strange and unexpected, the celebrated work of Mai Nguyen-Long now on show in Sydney.

Published by: Marcelle Heath | 12-Oct-2022
The new exhibition from Mai Nguyen-Long at Art Atrium this October, is a continuation of the artist's acclaimed series that premiered at the 12th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art earlier this year. #mainguyenlong #ceramics #artatrium #contemporaryart #sculpture #installation @art_atrium @mainguyenlong
Venue: Art Atrium
Address: 12 Daniel Street Botany NSW 2019 (entrance on Daphne Street)
Date: 8 - 22 October 2022
Time: Open: Wed - Fri 12pm – 5pm / Sat 12pm – 4pm. (or by appointment).
Ticket: free
Call: Gallery Contact: 0411 138 308
“Clay is my process of grounding, summoning spirits past and present - my working with clay is a biological necessity, a calling for new cultural artefacts to reimagine lost stories and build spiritual resilience.”

Mai Nguyen-Long is producing a visual language and growing body of work on her own terms. Interweaving collected experiences, past and present, and those of her Vietnam heritage, Mai is aligning folkloric practices, traditions, language, PhD research and ceramic making. This merger of cultural content and hand-worked expressive forms is elevating Mai to national attention and the international arts arena.

Sometimes figurative, other times abstracted, these highly glazed or raw unglazed ceramic objects are playful, strange and unexpected. Nguyen-Long’s evolving dialogue with clay is producing a fluid series of works that focuses on subverting hierarchies, celebrating marginality and the flow of humanity. It that has taken the artist from her home studio in Bulli, on the Illawarra coast, New South Wales, to the contemporary art stage of Berlin and back again for show in Sydney this spring.

Mai is exhibiting alongside acclaimed photographer William Yang for this exhibition at Art Atrium. The artists have known each other since 2009 with Yang mentoring Mai both personally and professionally, helping Nguyen-Long reclaim her Vietnamese heritage. As Mai says, “this is a conversation about minorities and showing with William forces the artworks to have a dialogue with each other.”


2.00 – 3.00 pm - Mai Nguyen-Long in conversation with Melanie Eastburn (Senior Curator Asian Art, Art Gallery of NSW)
3.00 – 4.00 pm - William Yang in conversation with Benjamin Law (Writer & Raconteur)

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