Picture and Melody: A Solo Painting Exhibition about Women in M.E.

Published by: Biafarin Inc. | 17-Apr-2019
Picture and Melody: A Solo Painting Exhibition by Fariba Taheri Esnaashari. Fariba Taheri, Iranian Painting artist new solo exhibition; Picture and Melody in Falahzadeh Art Gallery, focuses on women, like most of her works.
As she wrote in her statement; her paintings are "the sprinkles of inner thoughts from a woman who has been living a very conservative life among people for years and now trying to evoke her feeling through images and colors." Living in Middle-East and facing all limitation for women in Iran, she made it her mission to talk about light for women.

In the midst of all the darkness and daily moodiness, a ray of light appeared and through learning about new beautiful colours, women will immerse to show the truth of their mind and to lead the future.

Her focus on limitation for women musician expressed in several paintings, while hiding the face of the characters in her paintings is an attempt to bring the audience closer to see herself as the woman in her painting.

The exhibition will continue till 17 April 2019 in Falahzadeh Art Gallery. The exhibition live link is available at: https://live.biafarin.com/p/artworks.html?LNG=EN&CNTID=288752984

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