Published by: jeff Smith Creative Consulting | 4-Jun-2024
Adelaide’s true centre for Immersive Light and Art, ILA will present the return of its acclaimed PianoLab festival this month from 14-15 June 2024. The two-day festival, which made its debut in 2022 promises to reimagine the world of piano and the recital by highlighting the nation’s finest pianists within the immersive setting of ILA’s 50 sqm of LED screens in The Lab and for the first time in The Light Room Studio surrounded by 150 sqm of LED screens.
Venue: Immersive Light and Art
Date: 14-15 June 2024
Web: https://immersivelightandart.com.au
In 2024, PianoLab shines the spotlight on the commanding presence of the piano and seeks to reimagine its role in the digital age through immersive spaces, and new creative ideas. The festival is the nineteenth-century technology of the concert grand piano meets twenty-first-century digital technology in one of Australia’s most exciting venues, ILA.

PianoLab, co-curated by ILA Creative Producer Lewis Godwin and South Australian composer and pianist Benjamin Nicholls (Elder Conservatorium) with contributions by Anna Goldsworthy boasts its boldest line-up to date.

Across five diverse and genre defying performances audiences will experience The Lab debut of the internationally acclaimed pianist Vivian Choi Milton, who will open the festival with a bird’s eye view of piano music via Franz Liszt, Olivier Messiaen and Kate Moore in Flight.

Musicians Tim Koch and Andrew Lang collaborate with electronic musician Anders Bogdanowicz, contemporary performance artist Jazmine Deng and digital artist Max Brading for a piano led meditation in two parts in Comminuere Communitas + Reflections.

Acclaimed keyboardist and electronic producer Corin Ileto takes over The Light Room Studio for Lux Aeterna + Trapezia alongside Sebastian Collen and Maryam Rahmani with live visuals by Liam Somerville aka CAPITAL WASTE.

PianoLab’s Foundry and Fusion programs will showcase some of Adelaide’s most exciting emerging musicians. Foundry will see pianist and Mosolov scholar Simón Pazos Quintana present two of Alexander Mosolov’s most influential works, while the Eurelia Trio will perform Mikhail Glinka’s Trio Pathétique.

Fusion will explore the affinities and fusions of classical and jazz traditions with French music for violin and piano by Michael Lerace and Helen Ayres. The program will also feature emerging pianist, singer and composer Ciara Ferguson who will showcase her own works alongside those of American jazz pianist Bill Evans.

According to PianoLab co-curator and ILA Creative Producer Lewis Godwin the 2024 festival is reflective of the instrument’s depth and an exploration of its place in contemporary music.

“A formidable beast, the piano demands both strength of character and great skill to approach. Intimidating and rarely mastered, it stands as a symbol of profound musical depth and significant gravitas”, he said.

“Having spent eight years sparring with such a creature as a child, co-curating the festival this year has been a cathartic process. No longer seeking to subdue the instrument, my approach has become one of curiosity rather than mastery”.

“I believe PianoLab 2024 embodies this desire for play. To play with rather than against the beast - not to tame it, but to see where it will wander when left unchained”.

PianoLab has been made possible with thanks to the City of Adelaide, the Elder Conservatorium and Australian Piano Warehouse with support from Recitals Australia.

For further information on PianoLab please visit: https://immersivelightandart.com.au

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