Peter Rugg's Big Gay Adventure!

Published by: Peter Rugg | 26-Jun-2016
Peter Rugg has lived a life filled with entitlement, fabulousness, and most importantly, Grindr. However, it turns out that homosexuality wasn't decriminalised until after his birth. Awkies. So he began to wonder, was being illegal worse than being rejected for your copious body hair on Grindr? What is it like to grow up gay today, where our biggest fear is anonymous rejection? Join Peter in his Melbourne cabaret debut, and his Big Gay Adventure, filled with men, insecurities, regrets, and the highs and lows of a 21st century brat.
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Place, Melbourne CBD
Date: July 20-24
Time: 7pm-8pm
Ticket: $25.00-$32.00
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 430317414

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