Performance Management - Every Office is a Circus.

Published by: Encore PR | 4-Nov-2018
Forget waiting for the circus to come to town... it all plays out in every office every day and everywhere from 9-5! From the two-faced antics of corporate clowns and frenetic multi-tasking jugglers to water cooler wankers and a cavalcade of cubicle crazies, take a ringside seat for Performance Management at Chapel off Chapel 12-16 December.
Venue: Chapel off Chapel
Address: 12 Little Chapel St, Melbourne
Date: 12-16 December
Time: Wed - Sat @ 8pm / Sun @ 7pm
Ticket: $38 Full
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 03 8290 7000
A sell-out show when it first debuted in Melbourne in 2015, Performance Management has been described as Horrible Bosses meets The Office. Drawn from producer, writer and star, Scott Hollingsworth's extensive real life corporate career in employee management, this satirical comedy cabaret explores everything from job interviews and unfair dismissal to those little white lies on a CV and chucking a sickie once too often. From recruitment to termination and every non politically correct situation in between, Hollingsworth, as The Ringmaster, cracks the (literal) whip to remind everyone who's Boss.

Completing the team roster, The Larrikin Lion (Joshua Fielding), The High Flyer (Aerialist - Jessica Robbins) and Sexy Strongman (Murat Yilmaz) join the mayhem for a real 3-ring circus.

Hit after spoofed hit from the likes of pop icons Lady Gaga, Adele and Britney Spears get a cheeky rework and even beloved children's Disney© classics from Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid are not safe in the Ringmaster's world.

Extended from its original version and including new songs and performances, Performance Management is for everyone that works in an office as the laugh-out-loud scenarios prove every office is indeed a circus!

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