Performance Acting Course, culminating in a series of shows in The Melbourne Comedy Festival

Published by: Drama With A Difference (Drama School) | 19-Jan-2018
Perform in The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Would you like to learn a set of powerful acting techniques over several weeks and then apply them to a season of public performances in a major Melbourne Festival? This drama school has successfully produced this course and its show seasons over a period of nine years.
Venue: Council Street Studios
Address: 3 Council Street, Clifton Hill
Date: Weekly from 13 February - 22nd April (Please view website link for details)
Time: Varies - Mostly 7.30pm - 9.30pm weekly, but there are additional rehearsals and shows- see web link.
Ticket: $588.00 - Full course price, includes 28 hours of acting tuition.
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 407091591
This is an acting/training course that culminates in a series of public performances in The Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Drama With A Difference is one of Australia's leading, independent drama schools. Having operated for over twenty years, it is also the launching pad of many successful Australian actors. Our students have appeared in major roles and major guest roles in well-known feature films, just about every Australian TV series in the past twenty years, endless advertisements and professional theatre shows.

This course is open to people with and without experience. The course consists of several weeks of classes in which you will learn to develop a character, through being taught a mixture of tried and tested acting techniques. This character will then be placed in a number of situations that will be transcribed into comic (and perhaps sometimes darkly comic!) scenes. So, this is not "stand-up" comedy; rather it is a series of comic scenes that will revolve around a given theme.

This is an ideal course for aspiring actors, as it gives an opportunity to invite agents and other industry people to view your work. Many of our successful students were first "spotted' in one of our public shows. Naturally, we cannot guarantee that this will occur, however the benefits of the course and the performances extend way beyond self-promotion for actors. Everyone will have the experience of performing the same show several times in front of a live audience in one of Melbourne's major theatre festivals.

Our teachers for this course are extremely experienced, seasoned professional actors and acting teachers. When you visit our website, there is a link provided that gives you details of the teachers' backgrounds (There are two teachers taking this course, as we aim to give each participant as much personal attention as possible).

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