Published by: Higher Plains | 6-Mar-2016
Proudly supported by Creative Victoria. Channel V is dead. MTV cares more about the Kardashians than King Gizzard. Molly Meldrum is getting eulogised before he's even in the ground. Where does one go for music television when the format seems deader than ever? ABABCd. @banalarama #banalarama
Banalarama debuted the new season of their gig-and-interview series in January, selling out Melbourne's Gasometer Hotel for its live taping and racking up thousands of views online. Featuring blistering performances and backstage gossip from Sui Zhen, Terrible Truths, Mangelwurzel and the Harpoons, the third season came back in a huge way.

Episode two raises the stakes with another round of Australia's latest and greatest. Pearls' debut album Pretend You're Mine was hailed for its glam-rock groove last year, landing the newcomers an enchanting slot at the Meredith Music Festival. The Ocean Party have been running up and down the coast since September touring their breezy but incisive new album Light Weight, only to take a break to release a follow-up, Mess & Noise Critics Poll, in January. Ausmuteants' Devo-inspired combination of synths and punk rock was praised by Pitchfork for creating a "specific, slovenly universe."

And if that's not enough, they'll be joined by an exciting secret act who've been going from strength to strength since their debut record last year which made it onto the 11th Australian Music Prize longlist.

The Herald Sun called host Nick Clarke "the next Molly Meldrum". STRINE WHINE's Jake Cleland praised ABABCd as "the most intimate and compelling music television I've ever seen."

Get down to the Gaso on Friday April 15, watch some extraordinary live music, and pry a nail out of the coffin of music television. And like MTV, this will sell out, so get in quick.

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