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“Peak Inspirations” Art by Denali Schmidt to Open in Houston

BY Alisa Michail - denalifoundation.org | 02-Feb-2016
Artist/Adventurer’s work will be on display at the Deborah Colton Gallery in February 2016. Houston, Texas — January, 2016: In the summer of 2013, 25-year-old artist, Denali Schmidt was killed in an avalanche while attempting to summit K2, the world’s second highest mountain, with his father. After Denali’s tragic death, a number of his artistic works, including paintings and installations, were discovered in a storage unit in Oakland, California. @PeakInspiration
Venue: Deborah Colton Gallery
Address: 2445 North Blvd, Houston, TX 77098, United States
Date: February 2016
Web: http://peakinspirations.com
: www.Denalifoundation.org
: www.facebook.com/peakinspirationsexhibit
: twitter.com/PeakInspiration
Peak Inspirations - Summit of our Time #1
The “Peak Inspirations” exhibit premiered July 27th 2015 at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, receiving rave reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle, California Daily and other press. The “Peak Inspirations” exhibit features artwork inspired by Denali Schmidt’s love of nature and exploration. Included are his paintings, photography, writing, videography and audio recordings.

The opening reception for Denali Schmidt’s “Peak Inspirations” exhibit will take place in Houston on February 6th, 2016 at the Deborah Colton Gallery, located at 2445 North Boulevard, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The Peak Inspirations exhibit will be available for viewing February 5th, 6th and 7th from 11am – 5pm. The exhibit will lead up to the Denali Foundation Gala to be held at the Houstonian Hotel on February 12th 2016.

“This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to take stock of a selection of artworks by Denali Schmidt,” said Jordan Kantor, exhibit curator. “The exhibit will focus on the experimental mix of approaches the artist pursued in his last two years. Denali's work evidences an inspiring commitment to challenging exploration in both aesthetic and mountaineering terms.”

“Peak Inspirations” is supported by donations raised by the Denali Foundation, an organization of artists and professionals founded by Denali’s sister, Sequoia Di Angelo. All proceeds raised from the sale of prints from the Peak Inspirations collection benefit the Denali Foundation and their ongoing efforts to expand the minds and skills of young artists. The Foundation provides art supplies and instructional programs related to artistic creation on a local and global level.

As Deborah M. Colton, Founder and Managing Director of Deborah Colton Gallery states,

“I am supporting this project and exhibition due to the Denaili Foundation’s mission to help the well being of children world-wide through the arts. This is something I deeply believe in and I dedicate much of my time and resources to this also.”