Paper through the Ages: Drawings and Prints

Published by: ACA Galleries | 20-Feb-2016
Including work by: Ault, Bacon, Bellows, Bishop, Bloom, Bluemner, Blume, Bolotowsky, Burliuk, Chatterton, Cramer, Daub, Feininger, Foujita, Gropper, Hambleton, Hartigan, Henri, Jerins, Kent, Kuhn, Matulka, Moran, Mora, Ringgold, J. Stella, and Walkowitz among others.
Venue: ACA Galleries
Address: 529 West 20th Street
Date: 02/27/16
Time: 10:30am - 6:00pm
Ticket: $0
Call: 2122068080
ACA Galleries is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition Paper Through the Ages featuring works on paper from the 19th century to the present.

Works on paper demand a high level of skill. The very fragility of paper requires a deftness of hand and finesse of media, be it pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, or varieties of printmaking. The challenge "”and elegance"” of works on paper has lured artists for centuries, but only the very best have proved worthy of assuming a place in the history of art. This exhibition showcases some of the artists who have earned a place in that canon. Among the earliest works in the show is an 1883 watercolor, Castle of San Juan d'Ulloa, Vera Cruz, by Thomas Moran (1837-1926). Moran, a landscape artist often associated with the Hudson River School and the western painters of the Rocky Mountains, here employs a near monotone palette to achieve a lush rendering of Mexico's architecture in its natural environment. Water, air, and building merge into a shared physical experience.

Early twentieth century Modernist Oscar Bluemner's (1867-1938) works on paper exemplify his fascination with the American landscape. Seen through his Modernist eye, his colored pencil Hill at Oaks Pond, 1918 and the watercolor Schoolhouse, Congers, New York, dissect the landscape into its component parts of mass, line and color. In contrast to Bluemner's cool eye is the passion of his contemporary, Abraham Walkowitz (1878-1965). Walkowitz's watercolor, Argentinita, gives us a female dancer, castanets in hand, head back, in the throes of her dancer's ecstasy.

The show takes us through the twentieth century and into our own time, from the simple, confident Self-Portrait of Joseph Stella (1877-1946), the sympathetic rendering in Isabelle Bishop's (1902-1988) Two Girls, through contemporary artists Edgar Jerins' moody investigations of humanity (Adam Bomb) and Richard Hambleton's lively gestural portrayal of a horse and rider.

ACA Galleries' exhibition PAPER THROUGH THE AGES reveals the power and subtlety, brashness and discipline, and most of all the skill and vision, of some of America's finest artists including: George Ault, Peggy Bacon, George Bellows, Isabel Bishop, Hyman Bloom, Oscar Bluemner, Peter Blume, Ilya Bolotowsky, David Burliuk, C.K. Chatterton, Konrad Cramer, Matthew Daub, Lyonel Feininger, Tsugouharu Foujita, William Gropper, Richard Hambleton, Grace Hartigan, Robert Henri, Edgar Jerins, Rockwell Kent, Walt Kuhn, Jack Levine, Jan Matulka, Thomas Moran, Francis Louis Mora, Faith Ringgold, Joseph Stella, Bradley Theodore and Abraham Walkowitz, among others.

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