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Packed To The Rafters • Luke O’Donnell • Interlude Gallery

BY Interlude Gallery | 12-Sep-2017
We welcome you to our upcoming exhibition ‘Packed To The Rafters’ by Sydney based installation and performance artist Luke O’Donnell. Opening Night: Thursday 21st September 6–8pm - Closing Feast: Saturday 30th September 3–5pm Luke has been an Interlude Artist since 2015 and an active member of the arts community. His exploration of the relationship between structural elements and spatial forms, lends him to be a sort of amateur structural engineer. Concerned with the histories and meanings imbued within these structures, Luke asks us to consider how we come to understand and define concepts such as home, shelter, space and belonging. @interludegallery #interludegallery
“Antecedents hold a place in all things. Everything has a place and purpose, but everything also holds history and meaning. Be it a wall half completed or a roof by itself. Objects and devices speak to people in particular ways. A house can be built with four walls and a roof, but these simple individual items, a wall or a roof, bare a particular heritage that lends itself to each persons history while also holding a place in their current existence. We all exist within spaces no matter what circumstance one finds themselves in. In the project ‘Packed To The Rafters’ these defining building blocks of a shelter will all be placed within the gallery. The show is an exploration of the breaking point of these pieces of shelter. How long can a wall be pushed or pulled before it will break. How high must something be dropped from before it no longer constitutes its original use. If the pieces lay together in a abnormal assembly are they still a ‘shelter’. The show will incorporate various structures and two video works concerning these queries. In an effort further understand a shelters definition.”
—Luke O’Donnell

For more information please visit www.interludegallery.com Interlude is kindly sponsored by Poor Toms Gin