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Outback Sound Chapel

BY Outback Arts | 20-Mar-2017
Exciting developments for an old water tank could see Cobar coming out the other side with a sound chapel by the end of the year combining music and astronomy! #outback.arts
An old abandoned water tank in outback NSW could be the site of a new amazing venue and sound installation. Cobar, which is about 800km north west of Sydney, has plans to recreate this old tank to provide a new permanent sound installation project and performance venue.

Music composer Georges Lentz is behind this idea after he first visited Cobar in 2008 with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. And loved it. He loved the town, the red dirt and the people.

He’s been working ever since with Liliane Brady, the Cobar major, to get the Sound Chapel off the ground. The aim is to provide a peaceful space where people can listen to music while gazing at the sky. While he realises it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, Georges loves the outback, has an avid interest in astronomy which inspires his music, so for him it’s a dream come true and he knows he won’t be alone!

An abandoned water tank 4km from town at the Chalky (off the Wilcannia Road) known at the silver tank has been earmarked for the project.

“It has a wonderful feel about it. It’s an old rusty water tank from the 40s or 50s and about 10 metres high and 10 metres in diameter,” Georges said. Once constructed, the actual chapel will only be about 5 metres by 5metres andl have an open roof to let the music “spill out into nature”.

He said the tank is “beautifully resonant” and has great natural acoustics.

Georges has also recently been working with his friend Oliver Miller and The NOISE string quartet to create music that will play in the sound chapel. It includes pre-recorded improvisations and notated music, some of which was created at the Sydney Opera House. The piece is about seven hours long and will play on loop day and night even if nobody is there.

It’s a great opportunity to provide such a unique attraction is Cobar and to artistically enhance the cultural fabric of the town, and lead to other exciting festivals and events!

Source: Cobar Weekly