Out of Dream - New series of artwork by NG Lung-Wai

Published by: Art Pop Up Hong Kong 2016 | 6-May-2016
Dazzled,filled with bank notes: The whole room filled with bank notes is not a dream,you have the chance to see now! Artist Ng Lung-Wai creates a spatial experience filled with HK bank notes you can only dreamt of,don't ever miss it! Over 1000 matchboxes debut: Ng Lung-Wai share his collection of over 1000 HK matchboxes from 1930s-90s,some with special designs,plus lots of lots of restaurants,café,nightclubs and brands no longer existed now;with loads of collective memory. Giant Euro relief display: About 6-feet-long Euro relief display,colourful and first of its kind in HK,coupled with signs bearing special meaning. Tens of 1000 stickpin badges, vivid celebrity portraits. Took over a decade's time,he turns tens of thousands European stickpin badges into the portraits of the Queen,Mao Zedong and Audrey Hepburn,for both distance view and close scrutiny;including which being shared with the King of Netherlands
Venue: 3/F Comix Home Base
Address: Mallory Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Date: 15 May - 9 Jun 2016
Time: 13:00-19:00
Ticket: Free
Web: www.ArtPopUpHongKong.com
EMail: artpopuphongkong@gmail.com

Exhibition Details

Presented by Art Pop Up 2016
Out of Dream
- New series of artwork by NG Lung-Wai

3/F Exhibition Venue, Comix Home Base,
7 Mallory Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Exhibition Period

15/5 "“ 9/6/2016, 13:00 "“ 19:00
Free admission Open to public

Art Pop-Up is the gems of Hong Kong art scene showcasing quality artworks and creative visual art experience for all. It is targeted to uplift the level of appreciation and literacy on arts and promoting art development and atmosphere in the community.

The theme for 2016, "Out of dream", features the contemporary artworks by artist and collector, Ng Lung Wai in 6 zones: Dream of Legends, Dream of Origins, Dream of Direction, Dream of Safe, Dream a Thousand and Dream of Moment. He creates new form of art with new media and his collection of vintage items as the constituting motifs. Ng's artworks incorporate ordinary objects and turn into extraordinary visual experience filling up the whole floor of a heritage building.

Please browse www.ArtPopUpHongKong.com for more information.

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