Organic mark making and 3D creations

Published by: Angela Ringuet | 2-Dec-2022
Whole school at CAPS Kurrawang explored visual arts techniques, process and sculptural art in Creative Challenge workshops over a one week residency.
Organic mark making and 3D creations
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Students celebrating their finished collaborative artworks.
AWESOME Artists Fiona Gavino and Andy Quilty travelled to Kurrawang, on Wongutha Country to deliver a one-week Creative Challenge residency. Students at CAPS Kurrawang School to explored the 2022 theme of Wonder together working with exploratory drawing, mark making and 3D sculptures throughout the residency workshops. This residency was supported by Healthway with the Go for 2&5 healthy eating message.

Pre-primary to year 2 children experimented with non-traditional illustration techniques including using objects from the environment to create sketches, textured scratching and ink drawing. They were encouraged to explore mark making with colour and collaborating to create a collage to reflect on all of the pieces.

Years 5 and 6 students creative process began with exploratory drawing and transformed into 3D figures. They utilised cane and masking tape to create sculptures that reflected their previous illustrative works of abstract and organic forms.

“The collaborative potential when creating a project or small series of projects alongside young people is very exciting. Apart from sharing my skills, the children share their wonder and stories of the world around them.” Artist Fiona Gavino Said

At the end of the residency parents and community members were invited to celebrate all of the participants work. The illustration artworks were displayed via slideshow alongside the 3D cane sculptures and the school shared songs to celebrate the residency.

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