Organic instrument making and unique rhythm for the school song!

Published by: Angela Ringuet | 11-Sep-2023
Creative Challenge completed a residency in Gascoyne Junction based around music, instruments and the children’s creativity!
Organic instrument making and unique rhythm for the school song!
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AWESOME Artists Mark Cain and Sete Tele travelled to Gascoyne Junction Remote Community School onto Yamatji Marlpa Country to explore instrument making, song writing and performance with the students.

Participants were engaged to wonder about ways they could transform the school’s vision statement and it’s themes into a flagship school song. This process involved song writing, adapting cultural and appropriate language all ages of the children could identify with. The young artists moved to creating their own instruments from recycled materials and various craft pieces such as tape, bamboo, straws and pipes. They experimented with how to play their handmade instruments and make unique sounds with them. They incorporated clapping rhythms to compliment the instrumental music to create a base for the music of the school song.

At the conclusion the residency the children rehearsed the school song, combining the use of their unique instruments, rhythm movements and collaborative lyrics. All of the school and teachers celebrated the students achievements and enjoyed a healthy fruit banquet! The young artists will continue to rehearse post-residency and perform their signature school song at the end of year celebration for the school!

Creative Challenge is AWESOME Arts’ core education program that embeds contemporary teaching artists in schools across the state. The residency program aims to build pride in community and explore self-expression through project management and creative learning skills.

This residency was supported by Healthway with the Go for 2&5 healthy eating message.

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