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Fondation Thalie & Evens Foundation | 20-Jun-2019
The Evens Foundation and the Fondation Thalie are launching a call for a research and production residency for the period of 2019-2020.
Fondation Thalie © Michel Figuet
The call aims at creating a collaboration between a visual artist and a writer, who are invited to propose a collective project engaging with challenges that Europe faces today and envisioning perspectives for its future. The artist and writer duo may be an already established partnership or formed specifically for the call.

The research themes may include but are not limited to:
"¢ Identities and different forms of belonging in contemporary Europe
"¢ Resurgence of nationalisms and redefinition of borders
"¢ New forms of political communities, struggles and solidarities

The selected duo will receive:
"¢ Artist fees of 1,500 euros for each candidate
"¢ A production grant of up to 8000 euros for the collective project
"¢ A workspace and accommodation provided by the Fondation Thalie in Brussels (if necessary)

The final presentation of the project may take the form of a publication or an exhibition at the Fondation Thalie in Brussels, as well as at a partner venue in France.

The candidates are encouraged to develop an itinerant or relocated project; the residency should not necessarily take place in Brussels.

Who is this residency for ?

The call is addressed to artists and authors of all nationalities based in Europe, without age restriction. Candidates must speak French and / or English. The literary work may be produced in any European language; translation into French and English will be envisioned for the final exhibition and / or publication.

"¢ Deadline to submit the applications: 15 September 2019 at 19:00 (Brussels local time)
"¢ Announcement of the selected project: Mid November 2019
"¢ Residency starting January 2020
"¢ Exhibition or publication to be delivered: 2nd half of 2020

Duration of the residency: flexible, with a minimum of 6 weeks starting January 2020

Comity of selection:
Nathalie Guiot, president and founder of Fondation Thalie
Anne Davidian, head of Paris Office, Evens Foundation
Julien Amicel, director of Fondation Thalie
Diane Dufour, director of LE BAL
Dirk Snauwaert, director of Wiels
Béatrice Salmon, deputy director in charge of Visual Arts, DG for Artistic Creation, Ministry of Culture, France
Nadja Romain, producer, trustee of Women For Women International
Mathias Enard, writer and literary translator


The Fondation Thalie is a private foundation based in Brussels. Its mission is to support contemporary creation committed to societal themes, inviting artists to carry out a reflection, an action, or to create a work on the territories of and overlaps between everyday life and political life, questioning changes in our society, in order to improve transmission of knowledges and societal impact.

The Evens Foundation aims to contribute to rethinking and building a European reality committed to the values of diversity, freedom and solidarity. The Foundation supports artistic practices that create an unbiased space where multiple and divergent voices can intersect and envision perspectives for shaping our common world.

Deadline for application: September 15, 2019

Information request:

Online application:

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