Oeuf.re International Open Call: Egg cartons wanted!

Stefanie Herr Visual Artist | 11-Jan-2016
Ever wanted to be a patron of the arts? As part of my ongoing art project Oeuf.re I am currently looking for egg boxes from all over the world. #eggs #contemporaryart #opencall
In 2016 I am going to emulate the annual egg production of a laying hen and voluntarily go through the monotonous routine of producing one egg a day, even though made only from cardboard. As part of the project I am currently looking for egg boxes from all over the world. If you enjoy eating eggs, don't throw your leftover egg cartons! Send them in to help me shape Oeuf.re instead. As a small token of thanks, one Chef d'oeuf.re will be drawn among all participants at the end of the year.

Full submission guidelines can be found here: http://stefanieherr.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Oeufre_Open_Call.pdf

For complete information on Oeuf.re and its current status please visit www.stefanieherr.com/oeufre. Meanwhile, have fun and spread the word by telling your friends and colleagues!

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