OCEAN AS HUMAN II makes a SPLASH at Redcliffe, Queensland

Kathryn Coller | 31-Jul-2019
Imagine what Ocean would look like as a Human. How would she move and exist? How would she respond to her guardian? "OCEAN AS HUMAN II is the second exhibition at Redcliffe that local artist, Tania Geyer has produced with an ecological inspired theme.
Venue: Redcliffe Art Society Old Fire Station Gallery
Address: 395 Oxley Avenue Redcliffe
Date: Friday 23 August 2019
Time: 5.30pm
Ticket: free
Web: www.redcliffeartsociety.com.au
: www.facebook.com/redcliffeartsociety
EMail: ras395@redcliffeartsociety.com.au
Call: (07) 32840852
OCEAN AS HUMAN II makes a SPLASH at Redcliffe
Imagine of Oceans were Human. Mixed Media work by artist Tania Geyer. Photo by Tania Geyer
Tania's work has at it's a core a desire to stimulate the public to view the ocean's vulnerability and meaning. Since Tania's solo art exhibition Ocean as a Human I, at Redcliffe two years ago, an overabundance of information in the media has spilled into our daily lives on the plight of our earth's water.

Tania sees the complex curse of society's addiction to the "new and shiny" and "packaged" product as the disease of which we are aware, but slowly dying of. In Ocean as a Human II the contradiction between commerce and ecology is explored; humanity's influence will be symbolic in colour and Ocean will remain a visual monochromatic response.

Tania is an artist with a difference. She loves to feel the spiritual connection in all her work. Her work is slow, energetic and thoughtful. There is no need for vast dialogue. She wants the viewer to feel something, to be moved and to come away at the end of the day somehow changed, by witnessing this powerful art. She wants initial whispers to stimulate deeper thinking and respect for the environmental statement her work evokes. She wants the viewer to her works to leave feeling hopeful.

Tania feels that she is still emerging in her artistic intentions and purpose. She believes that following her soul, she is living and breathing an authentic artistic life. Tania inspires others who are pursuing creativity through her many classes. Her conversations are full of questioning to stimulate minds and hearts.

OCEANS AS HUMAN II is exhibiting at Redcliffe Art Society Old Fire Station and Gallery Shop [395 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe 4020] from Wednesday 21 August to Sunday 15th September. The official opening is on Friday evening 23 August [5.30pm to 7pm]. Admission is free. Everyone welcome.

The Gallery and Gift Shop is open Wednesday to Sundays from 10am to 3 pm

About Redcliffe Art Society

Redcliffe Art Society is situated in The Old Fire Station in Oxley Avenue Redcliffe. This building, once used as the local fire station, is home to over 430 art members, who attend classes, display their works, and host exhibitions. The building houses a wonderful light filled gallery and gift shop. There is ample parking. The gallery is situated on the ground floor and is wheelchair friendly.

Tania Geyer held Ocean as Human I in 2017, and this exhibition [Ocean as human II] follows on in 2019

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