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Not Quite White

BY Vanessa Steinberg | 17-May-2019
Come dislodge your chakras as an aging Jewish succubus bares her genome structure as she discusses everything from dermal fillers to dating advice to anti-semites.
Not Quite White
Vanessa Steinberg courtesy of Shane Delonix.
Vanessa Steinberg spends an hour unapologetically embodying the neglected adage that “vulnerability is a true measure of courage” as she recants her experiences as an ageing, second-generation migrant succubus, who is firmly on some currently undiscovered, psychiatric spectrum.

A Babylonian dirty bomb who bares her genome structure with all the abandon of middle age, while showing her audience that “real” is the only romance worth having. From dating advice to dermal fillers to dislodging your chakras, you are guaranteed to be either traumatized or transfixed…hopefully both.