No Party for Billy Burns // IRISH FILM FESTIVAL SYDNEY

Aidan McLaughlin | 26-Apr-2019
Billy Burns (Kevin McGahern) is a would-be cowboy lost in the dreary fields of Cavan. Billy seeks romance and adventure and dreams of riding into the sunset but the local bully red-necks have other ideas.
No Party for Billy Burns
No Party for Billy Burns is a comedy that follows a would-be cowboy Billy, an innocent farm hand about to leave his dreary life behind him for big dreams of excitement, adventure and romance on the open road.

This film tells the story of Billy Burns, a simple, good-natured lad and would-be cowboy, lost in the lonely fields of rural Ireland and his own imagination. Billy leads a sheltered existence living with his difficult grandfather (Shane Connaughton). Billy works for the local ranchers, saving his money for a trip up to the big city, perhaps never to return. He happily ambles along despite being mocked around the town for not being 'half solid'. Scarred by a tragedy in his youth, Billy never quite grew into adulthood. Luckily he has the guidance of inept local Sergeant Jack Cooper, who trades info with Billy for the promise of him one day cutting it as his deputy.

When Billy falls in with local thug Ciaran and his long-suffering girlfriend Laura, he soon finds the adventure and excitement he was always looking for, but the local crew pick on the weak, and their cheap thrills and rough-and-tumble kicks find Billy broken and bruised, with little left to lose. When tragedy strikes, cowboy-obsessed Bill lets his imagination get the better of him in this unique Cavan-set caper.

An unfortunate chain of events triggers Billy's loss of innocence, where the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur.

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