Ninoosh and Ok Sure collaborate on the first release from Synth Babe Records

Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 27-Apr-2016
Synth Babe Records first release 'Palms' from electronic noodling chanteuse Ninoosh, has just been given the remix treatment from Melbourne techno lass OK Sure and is available to download now via @ninoosh #synthbaberecords #ninooshmusic
"A sonic delight! A lush dreaminess that embraces the ear, with superb vocals enticing the listener into a trance-like state!" - Rick McClure - Dewberry Jam Community Radio, Texas, US

"Ninoosh combines samples, synths, voice, and muted brass to build rich and exploratory works. The results can be fun, surprising and connective, just as much as they can be welcomingly cold, angular and disconcerting." - Maddy Mac "“ Homebrew on PBS 106.7fm

Taken from the forthcoming debut EP Town of Two Hundred, which will be launched digitally June 19, 'Palms' was co-produced by Anya Trybala AKA Ninoosh, with Paul Lambert and Dave Cooper of the Sound Machine Studios in Melbourne. The woozy, emotive dream-like track features Patrick Nicholas on the drums, Jess Keeffe on strings and Manny Sharrad on backing vocals. "¨

After being introduced by Evan Carr, the producer of PBS' The Art of Bleep! Radio show, Ninoosh, and Ok Sure played a few shows together in 2015. Falling in love with her awesomely dark sounds, Ninoosh knew she had found another like-minded female electronic artist to collaborate with.

Winner of the remix competition for 'Ukiyo' from Hermitude via Triple J Unearthed, Ok Sure beat more than 700 entrants to take out the prize and has since completed remixes for Evangeline, Miles Brown, and Sophie Lowe. The upcoming launch of Synth Babe Records seemed like the perfect time for Ok Sure to experiment with labels debut track from Ninoosh. Taking the original, Ok Sure has turned 'Palms' into something darker, with a driving mash of drums, glitch and a good dose of eerie.

About Synth Babe Records

Anya Trybala launched Synth Babe Records in early 2016, after some encouraging words from the likes of Jessica Hopper and Jen Cloher from Milk! Records. The label operates more like a collective of female artists and which aims to promote women worldwide who are doing interesting things with electronic music, rather than a traditional record label.

"The electronic music industry is particularly male-dominated and I want to help champion women making music with synths and bursts, whether dance music, electronic or experimental and to also promote the women who have come before us, because there is a lot actually. Anya Trybala says.

"Pioneers who were really instrumental in developing electronic music devices and software like Delia Derbyshire and Laurie Spiegel really paved the way but aren't nearly as profiled as the likes of Kraftwerk. It's as much of an exploration for myself and to educate others of the contributions women have made to electronic music."

Synth Babe Records is working on developing female electronic artists from both Europe and Australia. The first EP release from label founder Ninoosh, Town of Two Hundred is a collection of songs that have spanned across 10 years of music making. Currently based in Sweden, Ninoosh is also working on a project called "¨100 Samples - sampling mundane things and turning them into unique sounds to use in future productions.

'Palms' and 'Palms' Ok Sure remix is available now via Synth Babe Records

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