night vision - Troy Emery

Craft | 12-Jul-2018
Troy Emery's exhibition night vision, showing at Craft 7 July "“ 18 August, provokes ideas and feelings about our relationship with animals, and their appeal as decorative pieces or accessories.
Venue: Craft
Address: Watson Place, off Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Date: 7 July - 18 August 2018
Time: 11 am - 5 pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 03 9650 7775
Troy Emery, lilac layabout, pink bandit beast, second lump, 2018, polyester, polyurethane, pins, adhesive, various dimensions. Photo_Fred Kroh
At once friendly and unnerving, Troy Emery's mythological creatures play with our imagination, creating a psychedelic, dream-like environment in which our perceptions are blurred. We're left unsure but at ease, curious yet wary.

Reflecting on the role of animals in our culture, their alluring pelts amplify our desire for the decorative, as he says, in "a camp interpretation of the way skins and furs are cherished and fetishised". Further subverting our ideals, Troy's use of mass-produced craft' materials challenges their prescribed value in creating artworks of wonder and magic.

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