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Published by: Irina | 14-May-2018
Newest & Rising, a vibrant exhibition featuring seven emerging artists is this year's first group show at Modern Times.
Venue: Modern Times
Address: 311 Smith Street
Date: 17-May-18
Time: 6-8pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 420717979
Newest & Rising, a vibrant exhibition featuring seven emerging artists is this year's first group show at Modern Times. Opening at the Fitzroy gallery on Thursday 17 May and comprising of over 30 pieces, the exhibition will see each artist work within the confines of painting, traversing the expression of abstract ideas, emotion, history and pure materiality.

The exhibition investigates concepts around time and place in the illustrative style of Elle Burguez's Persian tea afternoons and Kathryn Dolby's vistas that push the boundaries of the representational in a series of atmospheric works.

Meanwhile, illusive notions of meditation, emotions and the significance of colour are explored within the parameters of the abstract. Sydney's Kate Dambach considers the pause in between breaths and Melbourne's Katie Eraser's emotionally charged pieces create a striking visual poetry in conveying these concepts. In a fresh contemporary take, Max Lawrence White explores pre-existing associations of colour, tracing its transitions through history and creating a new dialogue.

Process and materials also play a significant role in Newest & Rising, for Melbourne artist Saxon Quinn the use of plaster, cement, glue and acrylic create the perfect tension between form and texture. Conversely Sydney artist, Jade Sibinovski whose shapes evolve from a pre-existing collage practice, displays the meticulous and instinctual process of cutting and assembly with precision and aesthetic ingenuity.

"It is a big thrill to see the medium of painting surveyed by an emerging group of artist in such diverse way! The show delivers a visually impressive array of works and touches on a number of ideas that emphasise the relevance of this medium. It's a must see show!" comments exhibition curator Irina Asriian.

In line with Modern Times' desire to provide a platform for emerging talent, the show brings these blossoming artists into focus. Newest & Rising delivers on the distinct advances in contemporary art and ideas, highlighting the growing appreciation for innovative, considered and inimitable pieces for homes, workplaces and of course, hearts.

Opening: 6-8pm, Thursday 17 May 2018. RSVP to
Exhibition Dates: 17 May - 30 May 2018
Modern Times "“ 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy

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