Published by: This Much talent | 12-Nov-2018
Low-fi indie artist Victory Lap shares new single 'I Knew That I'd Regret It But I Did It Anyway' and announces Sunday arvo launch party to celebrate
Venue: The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford
Date: Sunday 18 November
Time: Doors at 4pm
Melbourne indie-rock artist, Alex Badham aka Victory Lap is living his best Y.O.L.O life on the project's latest release I Knew That I'd Regret It But I Did It Anyway' out today. The reckless new track is the first to be revealed in over a year, joining Badham's 2017 debut The Afterlife' as the first two glimpses of Victory Lap's forthcoming album Bleakend at Blernie's. Launching the new single, Victory Lap has announced he'll play a hometown full band show at The Yarra Hotel in Abbotsford on Sunday 18 November.

A freelance videographer/filmmaker by day, and bedroom producer, songwriter, singer and instrumentalist by night, Alex Badham is best known for his involvement in previous projects aleks and the ramps and magic hands. His most recent musical venture Victory Lap, takes his aloof indie style and impassive delivery to new lengths, in endearing and often danceable pop arrangements. I Knew That I'd Regret It But I Did It Anyway' is the complete epitome of this. Pitting groovy bass lines and tropical guitar hooks against deep monotone vocals, this impulsive happy-go-lucky number is the perfect soundtrack to a sunny weekend spent disregarding responsibilities, taking long walks and day drinking.

"I Knew That I'd Regret It But I Did It Anyway" is a low-key banger about poor life choices, a woozy and gloomy disco jam with the occasional guitar wig out. I stitched together some bargain-basement stock footage for the accompanying music video, which ticks along at a constant pace, eventually devolving into a glitchy mind-melter." "“ Alex Badham, Victory Lap

Set for release in early 2019, Bleakend at Blernie's was intermittently written/recorded. A collection of morose, deadpan pop hooks and occasional guitar freakouts, propped up by disco beats and noodley basslines, Bleakend at Blernie's is low-key indie rock for the introspective and eccentric alike. Although written and recorded as a solo project, Alex has recruited some new members, and the Victory Lap band will take the stage together for the first time this month as Alex and co. launch the new single at The Yarra Hotel with special guests Mallee Songs and Louise Terra.

'I Knew That I'd Regret It But I Did It Anyway' single launch show

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