New monograph on contemporary artist Catherine Truman

Published by: Wakefield Press | 8-Aug-2016
@WakefieldPress is the proud publisher of #SALAFestival 2016's featured artist Catherine Truman's beautiful new monograph, written by Melinda Rackham.
Catherine Truman is best known for intricately and evocatively carved wood and mother of pearl jewellery and intimate sculptural objects, yet her oueuvre encompasses large public works, drawing and writing, performance, photography and moving image. She both adorns the body and critiques its embedded culture, science and philosophy.

Her carvings and constructions are compelling. She captures the nuance of light folding across an everyday object, the sensation of a colour's warmth or coolness, or the almost imperceptible shudder of materiality. Located within touching distance, her makings for and about the body draw proximity, sense resonance, feel detail, touch with the eye and see with the hand.

Truman's practice has a palpable anatomy; articulating the relationships between the felt and experienced; the seen and unseen; between medium and production. Silken threads, connecting gestures, forms and techniques reach across time and location, between suites of more traditionally crafted work and those that infiltrate and augment the scientific realm.

In 'Catherine Truman: Touching Distance', author Melinda Rackham draws on interviews with Truman, and research into her archives, to reveal the philosophical perspectives that underlie the endeavours of a celebrated, most original artist. Seductive images illuminate the text.

'Catherine Truman: Touching Distance' is the latest in Wakefield Press's prestigious SALA series, following books on Giles Bettison, Nicholas Folland, Stephen Bowers, Mark Kimber, Hossein Valamanesh, Khai Liew, Angela Valamanesh, Gerry Wedd, Julie Blyfield, Aldo Iacobelli, Michelle Nikou, Deborah Paauwe, Ian W. Abdullah, Nick Mount, James Darling, Kathleen Petyarre and Annette Bezor.

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