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Published by: Crystal Z/Dashawn H | 9-Dec-2020
New Media Film Festival®, an award-winning and innovative festival, is pleased to announce 50+ titles to stream when you want, whenever you want. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, New Media Film Festival® has aided content creators in distribution deals”giving them a means to present ground-breaking content to the world.
New Media Film Festival® has been persistent in discovering emerging talent which has helped content creators land distribution. During these times of uncertainty, New Media Film Festival® recognizes the importance of maintaining a sense of community and remains committed to connecting both artists and audiences alike through the power of storytelling. Titles include Drama, Comedy, Historical, Medical, Faith & Spirituality, and Family, Relationships, in Documentaries, Features, Augmented Reality, Shorts, & Episodic.

Familiar favorites are in talent include Award Winners and nominees - Debra Winger, Eric Roberts, Dawn Wells, Richard Hatch, Larry Hankin, Mickey Rooney, Lee Meriwether, Robert Pine and Hall of Fame Singer-Songwriter Chip Taylor.

Since its founding in 2009, New Media Film Festival® has celebrated cutting-edge media content by providing content creators a platform to express innovative storytelling. Through the encouragement of a global community, artists around the world are able to inspire others through stories that transcend cultural boundaries.

In this day and age where technology has become a vessel for idea exchange, the festival has made it their mission to make unique content accessible by individuals from across the globe. New Media Film Festival® believes that empowering media should not be limited to a certain region, which is why online distribution is one of its top priorities.

The 12th Annual New Media Film Festival® is slated for June 2-3 2021 at The Landmark Los Angeles.

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