New Christian Devotional e-Book Blends Bible Verses with Art to Create Stunning Visual Bible Study Guide

Published by: Esdras Etrenne | 21-Feb-2023
A new Bible Art Book featuring key verses with nature photos from Genesis to Revelation
New Christian Devotional e-Book Blends Bible Verses with Art to Create Stunning Visual Bible Study Guide
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A new holy Bible study guide, "Bible Album: Art Book," by Esdras Pierre Etrenne, pairs more than 1,600 of the most profound Bible verses with inspiring artwork that leaves the reader inspired by each of the 66 magnificent books of the Bible.

"The Bible Album is a work of art I made to shine a light on the gentle beauty of scripture," said Etrenne, who spent more than two years creating this comprehensive artwork. "A lot of times people can get bogged down by how long the Bible is and how daunting it is to pick it up. This book makes it very easy to take in key pieces of scripture. I took some of the most revered verses from every book, so it gives readers a flavor of each book of the Bible in a very pleasant way. Hopefully, this work allows for easier absorption of the beauty of scripture."

Some pairings were highly intentional. For example, for Genesis 1:1, a picture of the world is paired with the first verse of the Bible. Most pairings are more general. "Each photo was specifically selected because of the magnitude of awe that it generates for God's word breathed, His magnificent creation," he said.

The book is an art piece of the highest caliber of elegance and craftsmanship. "For each verse I hand-picked to be a part of this collection, I also curated a unique photo of creation, God's word breathed and made manifest, to be paired with the verse. A key point of the book's design is that the Word of God in the text is paired with the Word of God Breathed, Creation."

The e-book is available exclusively from Amazon:

"To my knowledge, this is the first and only comprehensive artwork of its kind, with all 66 books of the Holy Bible represented," said Etrenne, a first-generation Haitian American born to Haitian immigrants of Christian Faith. He was born and raised in Chicago. The verses are beautiful and uplifting.

The eco-friendly book is available only in digital form.

To read "Bible Album: Art Book" in color, use the Kindle App for mobile or tablet, Kindle Cloud Reader for web, or a color-supporting Kindle. "Bible Album: Art Book" can also be read on traditional Kindle readers in black and white.

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