Published by: Redcliffe Art Society the Old Fire Station Gallery | 6-Feb-2019
The Neapolitans: Like Neapolitan ice-cream, life is relational on all levels. This combined exhibition offers 3 different flavours from three very different artists, in style, mediums, and approaches. It is an examination of relationships to inner self, others, the environment, our individual belief systems and spirituality. This gives the viewer an opportunity to construct their own meaning by stopping, meditating, and pondering on what the artists bring to the viewer, combined with what the viewer brings to the art work.
Venue: Redcliffe Art Society the Old Fire Station Gallery
Address: 395 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe Q 4020
Date: Wednesday 6 March to Sunday 31 March 2019
Time: Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00am to 3.00pm
Ticket: Free

Barbara Niczynski

Barb's art is generally about the internal journeys of the body, mind, spirit and soul and how this effects our physicality, spirituality and mentality. Working in her studio, using a magnifying glass for fine detail, she makes detailed mechanical, a little bit steam punk, industrial small drawings to explore an idea or concept. Photographing museum objects, old and new machinery, building sites, people, tunnels, rocks, trees"¦. anything that catches her eye provides her with inspiration. Barb sells her small pen and watercolour as high resolution giclee prints, paintings as originals and has won prizes two prizes since exhibiting at various galleries since 2016.

This offering" Zero to Nine" has a different look to her usual work, and examines geometry, numbers, nature, relationships and some fun stuff too, using the circle as a starting point, dividing it to increase its numerical value through to nine.

Marcelien Hunt

Art has the power to make changes in an individual's thinking, Marcelien offers such narratives to the participant. From personal experiences, the viewer can then form their own interpretations.

From the techniques of the early Flemish, French and Renaissance painters, her art is not meant to be pretty, but thoughtful and founded in her Christian faith. On the opening afternoon, performances on the harpsichord modelled on a 1700's instrument, showcases an example of Marcelien's soundboard paintings found in Australia and Europe. Her current works are social and political observations of everyday people doing everyday things including tongue-in-cheek experiences.

Marcelien's art moves from realism to abstraction including monochrome underpainting, and layer upon layer of paint glazing. She 'plays' in her private studio. Marcelien has participated in numerous exhibitions, including the Art for Excellence and FOBFTA Annual Art Exhibition.

Pamela Dammerel

Earth has provided a deep fascination for Artist Pamela Dammerel, it is not surprising that her inspiration comes from Mother Nature and its wellbeing. She has been influenced by the four elements and the rapid changes that is causing its decline. Pamela's most current works are of water, she mainly paints from photos of which she is continually taking and the idea that comes from them. Finding her most creative time is best suited to early hours of the mornings. Pamela has won many awards for her art including People's Choice awards. Pamela's main medium is oil, but she also uses acrylic and watercolour. She has been engaged in producing many commissioned works which includes portraits.

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