Published by: NAVA | 28-Jan-2019
As part of its Professional Development program, the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) will facilitate "In These Critical Times" on Friday, 1 February at the MPavilion in Melbourne, with events in other cities to follow.
Venue: MPavilion
Address: Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Date: Friday, 1 February
Time: 10am - 4pm
Ticket: Free - but booking required
Buy / Ticket:
MPavilion is an innovative civic space offering a free, four-month-long spring-summer program of talks, workshops, performances and installations. The event "In These Critical Times", facilitated by NAVA executive director Esther Anatolitis, aims to provide deep reflection and structured critique for contemporary artists in a supportive setting. It has been inspired by NAVA's professional development program, the MPavilion 2017 opening event 'Grandstanding: A reconfigurable future' designed and facilitated by Ms Anatolitis, as well as her past collaborations on the Independent Convergence events at MPavilion.

"In an election year where so much of the public discussion injures cultural values, it is critical that artists reflect on their practice and come together to stay connected and strengthen their resolve for fostering experimentation, encouraging risk and developing ambitious thinking," says Ms Anatolitis.

"One of the most important things we can do is reflect on our work as artists. Making the time to reflect critically on our practice is not only essential to the rigour we demand of ourselves, it is also essential to our good health as artists and the strength of our broader communities," she adds.

"In these Critical Times" will challenge attending artists to stimulate new thinking by asking: How do you set the most productive constraints for your work? Are you happy with the scope of your experimentations? Where is the risk in your practice? What risks are you still taking?

"Too many of us view reflection as indulgent. But as artists, we made a decision - explicitly or otherwise - to live our lives at very high levels of creative and intellectual intensity. One of the most generous things we can do for ourselves is to allow the time to focus on how we work and what we value. This will inspire us to discover new ways to invigorate our technique and our ethic, and to remind ourselves that we are crucial to offering perspectives on contemporary Australia that are pivotal and urgent," says Ms Anatolitis.

Join us for this vital day and fuel your next adventures.
This event is free but booking is required via

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