Mylyn Nguyen 'Sometimes I'm too boring for my imaginary friends' - 8 to 26 May

Published by: MAY SPACE | 18-Apr-2019
Over ten years, Mylyn Nguyen has developed several solo exhibitions for the Gallery that have whimsically explored childhood curiosities. Her current exhibition 'Sometimes I'm too boring for my imaginary friends' continues to explore these themes. Exhibition runs 8 to 26 May
Address: 409b George Street Waterloo NSW Australia 2017
Date: OPENING: 11 May
Time: 3 - 5pm
I always wanted imaginary friends but I couldn't get any. When I was little my greatest comfort was cardboard boxes. Big ones, small ones, matchbox ones. If I couldn't have imaginary friends, at least I could make a home for one and hope they would like it enough to make friends with me.

Sometimes I would sit in an empty cardboard box for hours; savouring the dim, browny-hued darkness and warm paper smell. When I was about 20, I made one. I couldn't decide if he was a bear or a human, so he is half: a man wearing a bear head. He still appears now sometimes to pat me on my head when I accidentally step in a puddle of water and get my socks all wet so I have to spend the rest of the day walking around with squishy shoes or when I drop my egg, mid-peel, into the bin.

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