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Published by: Ana Luiza Machado Paschoal | 13-Jul-2016
Born to be an artist as well as art teacher @ any circumstance blossoming imagination drive to draw at any time and place @mpaschoal57
Address: Rua Barao de jaceguai 1305 ap 12B zip code 04606-003 Sao Paulo SP, Brazil
Date: July the tenth
Time: Afternoon
Call: 5511 975986882
I was born to be an artist as well as an art teacher.I simply close my eyes and scenes appear like in a movie screen. I see myself , a five year old girl,laying down no my parent's bedroom floor, grabbing pencils and a drawing notebook, following the currents of my imagination . I was priviledged due to the fact that the schools I was enrolled gave art an important role in the curriculum. When I mentioned schools it's because I studied at two different schools on for kindergarten, elementary and middle school, I attended another private school for High School. Both are still opened for applications.As an adolescent I got enrolled to private art clubs, one of them, which made an enormous influence in my future career was the Visual arts college where I attended and got my degree as artist and art teacher. I also loved studying English language and thanks to my former English teachers I applied to a job opportunity in 1992 at an international school here in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil where I taught art in English to middle school , High School and IB Visual arts I taught there for nine years , had a break of six years from them, when my family lived in another state of Brazil, however I didn't stop teaching art in English there at International Schools and I promoted a course Art in English for children and teens at three local cultural institutions and museums with a 100% of approval and asupportl from the city government Back to Sao Paulo in 2007 I resumed my job at that international school and remained till 2010 then a twist in my career I got a job as bilingual art teacher at an international school in the countryside of Sao Paulo then from 2010 till 2013 more twists more experience and finally in 2013 resumed my career only as artist I forgot to mention many participations in art exhibitions in my home state in Brazil as well as in the state where we lived for six years. got a silver medal for a silkscreen print while in graduation. Currently I've been attending workshops at local museums and drawing, painting , and taking photographs unceasingly .Art has been my life and means of growing interest in learning more and more.

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