My Job in 2030: Speculating on the Future of Work

Published by: Australian Design Centre | 4-Jul-2019
Speculating on the Future of Work
Drone Designer. Robot Engineer. App Developer. Climate Justice Campaigner. Not so long ago these jobs didn't exist. Combine that with the fact that most people will have two to three major career changes in their lives and the future world of work is increasingly uncertain.

This event asks how work will change in the coming decades due to shifts in technology, society and the environment. Join our panel of experts - the "Future Work Think Tank" - as they answer your questions and discuss changes to the workforce, especially in relation to design.

Suitable for educators, high school students, tertiary students and anyone who's wondering how their careers will shift and change by 2030.

This event is part of the project My Job in 2030: Mapping the World of Work, which asks how shifts in technology, society and the environment are impacting the jobs of the future. It invites the next generation to imagine their place in a future world of work where automation, AI and robots are part of everyday life. What jobs will we have in 2030 and how will they be different to the jobs of today?

When: Tuesday 23 July, 6.00-8.00pm
Where: Australian Design Centre
Free event, bookings required

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