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Museum pieces and unusual objects at Piguet Auction House Geneva (25 TO 28 September 2017)

BY Salomé Summer | 11-Sep-2017
GENEVA, 11 SEPTEMBRE 2017 – Piguet is pleased to announced it’s next auction to be held on 25 to 28 September with over 3,000 lots reaching a global estimate of CHF 3.1-4.5 million. On this occasion, Piguet Auction House will publish three catalogues in honour of the following sale sections: @piguet_hdv #piguet hdv
Swiss Art - over 110 paintings! Anker, Massot, Biéler, Hodler, Calame and Giron will be in the spotlight during the 19th century category. The 20th century category will include the likes of Erni, Amiet and Bosshard. Piguet Auction House is delighted to present a wide range of Swiss contemporary art with works from H.R Giger and Hofkunst.

Antiquarian books – The Givaudan collection and other private Swiss collections. The sale is particulary rich in 18th century bindings, armorials, as well as rare and precious first editions.

Fine Jewellery and Watches – A rare Patek Philippe solar clock and Art Deco jewellery. Important pieces of Belle Epoque and Art Deco Jewellery from the Molly de Balkany collection set with exceptionally large emeralds and diamonds will be auctioned.

Important ensemble of armorial antiquarian books

September’s sale will commence on Tuesday 26 September at 14.00 with Piguet Auction House’s annual book sale auctioning 240 lots. The Xavier and Leon Givaudan collection comprises 18th century works by the most important authors on philosphy and novellists from the time such as Montesquieu, La Fontaine, Rousseau, and Cervantés. Xavier Givaudan (1867-1966) was fascinated by the 18th century and bought books from the greatest antiquarian booksellers in Geneva. The bindings are of the highest quality, for example, the rare edition by Kehl of the complete works of Voltaire in 70 volumes edited by the Literary Society and typography by Beaumarchais between 1784 and 1789 hidden beneath a red leather binding and cover embossed with the monogram of Empress Maria Federovna, wife of Paul I of Russia (lot 135, estimate: CHF 5,000 – 8,000). The catalogue for this sale also includes the impressively bound, first complete and definitive collection of works by Jean Racine, published in 1697 (lot 61, estimate: CHF 15,000 – 20,000).

In honour of Swiss Art

Piguet Auction House sold over 55 of Albert Anker’s unpublished drawings, watercolours and sketch books in 2011 that came directly from the artist’s family. This year, Piguet will sell five more works by this painter from Bern. Charming and emotive portraits of children have been captured by his expert hand, a true master of this genre (lots 1123, 1124 and 1127, estimates between CHF 15,000 and CHF 120,000).

Bernard Piguet and his team of specialists reaffirm their reputation by discovering a painting by Genevan artist Firmin Massot (1766 -1849) following extensive research. The work will appear on the art market for the first time and will also be included in the artist’s official catalogue of works (lot 1143, estimate CHF 6,000–8,000).

Contemporary Art in all its forms

Along side the Contemporary Art Fair Zürich, the evening of Wednesday 27 will see 60 lots of modern and contemporary art come up for auction with a large number being Swiss art. Cinema fans of the Alien film series will certainly admire the biomechanical sculptures which inspired the imaginary universe created by Ridley Scott (lots 1045 to 1047, estimates between CHF 300 and 3,000). The design furniture department will sell a Keruan coffee table that encases small bottles of enamel varnish that have been spilt and drip down the plexiglass cover, created by genius artist Arman (lot 964, estimate CHF 5,000–8,000). This sale session also proposes a fine ensemble of works by Burhan Dogançay (lots 977 to 983, estimates between CHF 5,000 and 15,000) and Ungno Lee (lots 1001 to 1004, estimates between CHF 1,000 and 12,000). An interesting work by Alfred Hofkunst is also worthy of note (lot 1037, estimate CHF 6,000 – 8,000).

Delve into Egypt of the Pharaohs and Ancient Greece

Once a year Piguet Auction House extends an invitation to antiquities collectors for the Ancient Art and Archeology sale. The auction held on Wednesday 27 at 9.30 will see pieces dating from 2000 years BC up to the byzantine period and the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece and Rome. The objects come from a variety of Swiss private collections and represent a considerable part of the history of the different civilisations. A rare funeral mask from a ptolemaic dynasty mummy (300 BC), in very good condition, will invite you on a journey to another time (lot 566, estimate CHF 7,000–9,000). A rare silver decadrachm from Syracuse circa 400 BC signed by Evainete will certainly draw the collectors’ attention. Already considered a treasured numismatical item at that time, rare examples that have surfaced have skyrocketed at auction (lot 611, estimate CHF 20,000–30,000).

Fine Jewellery and Watches join the programme

This particular sale is divided up into three sessions as it includes over 1,000 lots. The star lot of the Fine Clocks and Watches sale has to be the domed enamel solar Patek Philippe clock. As unique creations, these clocks are extremely sought after and considered time pieces of excellence (lot 1509, estimate CHF 50,000–80,000). Along side this rare piece will be a large collection of fine watches by celebrated watchmakers A. Lange & Söhne (lot 1502, estimate CHF 15,000–20,000), Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin to name a few.

The Fine Jewellery sale has been characterised by the sale of the Belle Epoque and Art Deco jewellery from the estate of Molly de Balkany (the broader collection having been sold for CHF 5.3 million back in May by Piguet Auction House, tripling the high estimate). An important platinum necklace is set with Colombien emeralds of very rare sizes: 78 and 75 carats (lot 1698, estimate CHF 80,000–120,000). A signed Cartier Belle Epoque bracelet (towards 1910) is impressive in it’s luxurious decadence (lot 1706, estimate CHF 80,000–120,000). The sale then moves towards the red carpet events of the film festivals with a César necklace (lot 1561, estimate CHF 8,000-12,000). Stars of the 9th artform …. and of our kitchens !

What are the curious objects in this sale?

The New Aventures of Tintin begin at Piguet! Collectors of the 9th artform will be delighted to find numbered sculptures 1m28 of Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy dog by Hergé Moulinsart (lots 993 and 994, estimate CHF 2,000–3,000 and CHF 2,500–3,500). Plates by Enki Bilal will draw readers into subjects surrounding the society. Partie de Chasse and La Foire aux Immortels - both to be sold at auction here – represent a defining stage in the graphic work of Enki Bilal (lots 969 to 971, estimates between CHF CHF 6,000–18,000).

In the kitchen and gastronomy aisle, the anitquarian book sale offers a work dating back to the reign of Louis XIV which is as astounding as it is interesting. The first French edition by Denis Papin of La manière d’amollir les os et de faire cuire toutes sortes de viandes en fort peu de temps & à peu de frais. In this work from 1682, the author describes his invention the « Digesteur », ancester of the pressure cooker – a star utensil in any kitchen! (lot 50, estimate CHF 600-800).

Great deals this September 2017:

Honouring tradition, Piguet Auction House will offer a selection of 558 lots at less than CHF 300 amongst the 1,266 lots in the silent sale. For example:

- Tiffany & Co by Paloma Picasso, signed silver bracelet in the form of a flower. Estimate CHF 120 (lot 4266).

- Hermès, vintage green box leather bag with cross body strap. Estimate CHF 150 (lot 3121).

- Céline, white, red and black leather limited edition 2002 World cup hand bag. Estimate CHF 300 (lot 3083).

- Anna Carrier (XIXe s.) Lady with two children, bronze group, signed on the plinth. Sale proceeds go to Caritas. Estimate CHF 300 (lot 3514).

Photos at : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9UhxwDFuEwmOEZicGF3TGU5MTg?usp=sharing

Exchange rate: EUR 1 = approx. CHF 1.10 ; USD 1 = approx. CHF 1

Public viewing (doors open):
Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017 from 12.00 noon to 19.00 non-stop.

Sales calendar:

Monday 25 September 19.00: End of the silent sale.

Tuesday 26 September, 14.00 and 19.00: antiquarian and modern books (Givaudan collection), luxury handbags, tableware.

Wednesday 27 September 9.30, 14.00 and 19.00: Antiquities, Islamic art, Furniture, Works of Art, Paintings, Swiss Art, Modern and Contemporary Art

Thursday 28 September 14.00 and 19.00: Watches, Patek Philippe solar clock, Jewellery, Fine Jewels (M. de Balkany collection).

For all additional information:
+41 22 320 11 77
Bernard Piguet, Director and Chief Auctioneer
Morgane Hérault