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All aboard for participation, pedalling, perambulation and public transport with MoreArt. 28 October "“ 18 December. 16 Art Projects Across The City Of Moreland.
Venue: Various
Address: City of Moreland, Vic
Date: 23 Oct "“ 18 Dec
Time: Various
Ticket: Free
Web: www.
MoreArt enlivens the public spaces of Moreland with 16 large scale and intimate art projects popping up in unusual and unexpected locales, in a free program of offerings from the 23 October to 18 December.

In its 7th incarnation, this year's MoreArt explores the theme of passage, tempting creativity and innovation as the artists transform the urban environments within the City of Moreland into vehicles for contemplation, celebration and imagination.

The event takes a precinct wide approach to public art interventions and happenings using the Upfield Rail Line, the bike path, various rail stations and their surrounds as its zone of play.

"MoreArt is about bringing all sorts of artists and art out of the gallery into spaces more often associated with being utilitarian, gritty and unloved. The aim is to build conversation and curiosity in the daily routines of commuters and develop a sense of destination in what are mostly transitory spaces," says Dan Mitchell, MoreArt Coordinator and Co Curator

Squeaky Wheel Bike Tours is an immersive experience leading the audience through part or all of the unusual and expected spaces MoreArt populates. Whether on bike, foot or train, with art aficionados as their guides, people can experience elements of the exhibition or interact with the whole show, which runs over a 12km stretch between Brunswick and Faulkner. Day and night tours run on 12th,17th, 24th November and a light night ride on 15th December.

Commuter train lines, Upfield Railway Line in Melbourne and the Hershey Train Line of Havannah, Cuba come together in Intercambio. Working with Cuba's Havana Biennial, the project involves a series of active art projects in both countries based on or around both train lines, examining the character of rail infrastructure and the experience of the journey. Cuban Artists in Residence, Diana Fonseca and Adrianna Arronte will be in Melbourne for 4 weeks working on the project and will present a special In Conversation at Jewell Station on 24 November.

Philosophical, funny and tongue-in-cheek station announcements will be bestowed upon unsuspecting train travellers on the Upfield line with Laresa Kosloff and Andy Thomson's Announcements. The series of platform broadcasts recorded by Metro Trains voice over person, Soula Alexander, reference the culture of announcements and how familiar forms of delivery might be creatively disrupted. They will no doubt delight and surprise travellers with Soula's somewhat authoritarian delivery. The announcements will also be heard in the lobby of the Brunswick library.

Doling out remedies and creative keepsakes is the collaboration between MoreArt 2015 award-winning artists Luci Lee and the OK Collective in Suburban Therapy and The Pharmacy. Together they provide a playfully interactive, creative therapy opportunity for people to chat with an artist, get their portrait rendered along with a dose of medication from the Your Health Solutions Product range "“ although take a second look at the prescriptive packaging as not all as it seems.

In another quirky offering, Kenny Pittock asks the question on everyone lips"¦ just who can travel on a concession Myki? A satirical and informative brochure from Pittock asks this and other hard hitting questions along with 24 drawings which will be displayed within the old kiosk in the Gowrie Station waiting room. This is art touching those who 'touch on' their Myki.

Reflecting the Upfield train line's historical purpose as mortuary transport between the City Morgue and Fawkner Cemetery, artist Marcia Ferguson melds poetic text and street art in In Train Lines. Visible to train passengers, the works are presented along the walls bordering the Upfield line, revealing the narrative over time and distance.

The 'research lab' at Moreland Station's Waiting Room provides the focal point of Artist in Residence Jessie Stanley's Marking Time. In an investigation of cultural heritage and how it impacts what we see and are exposed to today, Jessie Stanley explores the history of the bricks used to build the station, opening a window into Moreland's past.

Sprouting up in Moreland are the nature inspired installations of Chris Humphries' The Translucent Landscape, a recognition of green spaces with particular focus on the indigenous flora along Merri Creek and Marcia Ferguson's Box Forest, which is presented within the grounds of Fawkner Cemetery. With boxes of indigenous plants lying side-by-side akin to gravestones, Ferguson challenges the legacy of John Pascoe Fawkner, who sought to remove all the native indigenous vegetation from what is now known as Fawkner Memorial Park and Crematorium and replace them with fruit trees and hedgerows, available for purchase from his private nursery.

MoreArt serves up a visual banquet along the Upfield bike path with Wendy Busch's seventeen intensely coloured abstract paintings on aluminium sheet metal inspired by diagrams of moving light rays in State to State. Comics on Congeniality on Concrete is a series of vinyl decal prints from those crazy kids of Squishface Studios, taking a whimsical look at the colourful characters who use the path.

Projector Bike hosts the temporary light activation LightenUpfield, a community-driven celebration of Moreland's bike and rail precinct featuring short films about the vibrant community made by the local filmmakers at Light Works Studios.

Claudia Gleave's work, A Matter of Time, explores our relationships with time, reality and self whilst Bonnie Gordon's Hopscotch, reminds us to slow down and enjoy life, in her succession of pavement games.

In Lost on the Tram, Melbourne Spoken Word celebrates the diverse and untapped power of spoken word poetry by showcasing pop up poets on the Number 19 tram.

RMIT Brunswick presents the exhibition Artland, whilst Counihan Gallery In Brunswick, Tinning Street Gallery, Brunswick Arts, Neon Parc Gallery and Blak Dot Gallery house a cluster of artworks as part of the Precinct Gallery Program. Young artist Nina Lord, who is a Year Eight student from Coburg High School, will see her winning design presented on the Oxygen Youths Space Wall.

Dates: 23 Oct "“ 18 Dec (See over for all event details)
Location: Various sites across the City of Moreland
Cost: FREE
More Information: www.

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