More and more Universities realise the potential of YAJA (Young Art Journalism News Feed + Awards)

Published by: ART NEWS PORTAL | 14-Mar-2018
At university, students are provided with the foundations for a successful career. But employers look for applied theory, which is why meaningful work experience is so important.

YAJA Co-founder Volker Janssen has worked in student career development and experienced firsthand how hard it is for some students to find any kind of work experience.

YAJA addresses the issue. YAJA helps students find

  • media opportunities
  • industry mentoring
  • work experience
  • networking opportunities
  • a large audience reach
  • awards recognition

Find out more about benefits and outcomes for students and universities here: YAJA-Implementation-Proposal.pdf

YAJA partners with Screen Production in the Department of Film & Animation at Swinburne University

At Swinburne University, Film & TV students are commencing in a practice semester, producing interactive documentaries (idocs). Following an invitation by their lecturer, Dr Max Schleser, Volker recently visited the University to help students find opportunities to engage with arts & culture professionals for their projects.

The resulting works from this practice semester will also be relevant as YAJA entries.

Participating students will not only be assessed by their lecturer, they will also find enhanced exposure through publication in the YAJA news feed. Further, the fruits of their hard work will be shared on Art News Portal, where an international target audience is eagerly awaiting news updates from the world of arts & culture.

The 2018 Awards night will be held in conjunction with MINA (Mobile Innovation Network and Association) at Swinburne University's AMDC (Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre).

YAJA goes global providing a comparison / competition / publishing platform and knowledge exchange between university students

Over the coming years the YAJA news feed will advance into an archive of arts & culture articles covering every corner of the world. Each year an international judging panel will vote the top submissions for the annual awards.

YAJA engaging with universities, the plan is to provide a forum where students are encouraged to

  • compare their skills and
  • exchange their knowledge about arts & culture and
  • engaging audiences through diverse means of expression (A/V and text)

YAJA has been involved in student development through presentations and the provision of media opportunities at universities in Australia, England and Scotland. The YAJA team is on the outlook for further engagement opportunities with students on a global scale.

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