Montreal - Fact or Fiction?

Published by: Paul Richards | 28-Aug-2018
When the on-screen soap opera of professional wrestling drops its over-the-top façade, it's always worth talking about. This year at the Melbourne Fringe, comedian Paul Richards tackles the most controversial moment in wrestling history, with his show "Montreal".
Venue: Pilgrim Bar
Address: Federation Wharf (adjacent to Federation Square)
Date: 12-19 September
Time: 7:15
Ticket: $15-20
Buy / Ticket:
Call: (03) 9660 9666
Filled with all that makes theatre great, Montreal stops being simply a story about an entertainment show, and becomes a Shakespearian drama where the threads of fact, fiction and reality become imperceptibly intertwined.

Paul accommodates all audiences by deftly detailing the back-story of professional wrestling, from its carnival origins through to where it stands today as a mix of high-flying athleticism and soap opera storylines.

The smoke-and-mirrors story of the Montreal Screwjob' may surprisingly turn out to be more contentious and fascinating than anything in the political arena.

"I've spent the last eighteen months researching what was the most infamous day in wrestling history," Paul said. "The whole story of Montreal is one that will captivate and enthral audiences of all ages, regardless of your interest in wrestling. It's a 'TED Talk' with a dash of stand-up, and will examine this unique landscape like no other show before it. Professional wrestling is such a wonderful form of escapist theatre and art, and it's so much more than two people flying around, choreographing a rivalry. It covers classic stories of good and evil, and has genuine morals behind its characters and moments."

Join Paul as he tells the story of Montreal, complete with ferocious wars over contracts, title belts, reputations, deception, television shows, billion-dollar-corporations and fragile egos.

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