Mo Louie creates a melange of soulful styles with debut single 'She Said'

Published by: Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 7-Nov-2016
Melbourne based Electro-Pop soul artist Mo Louie shares her exploration of tricks in the mind with debut single 'She Said' from upcoming EP and announces @molouie #molouiemusic @MoLouieMusic
Living in a world where the soul and the artificial are intertwined, Mo"¢Louie's soul powered music comes from what she sees around her and her internal journey of mental illness and curiosity.

Mo's debut single, 'She Said', is a playful take on an overthinking mind. Using a cluster of the artificial: electronic and synth production with a whirl of soulful vocal sounds, 'She Said' plays with the reality of what someone says verses the interpretation the mind creates.

Written by Mo Louie with Luke Hardy (aka Fu), and Connor Jones, the track was mixed by Connor Jones and Luke Hardy and mastered by Crystal Mastering. 'She Said' is driven by a remark aimed at Mo and her insecurities.

Singing since the age of nine and playing in bands since her early teens, Mo has explored genres from classical, contemporary, funk, reggae, soul, hip hop, and jazz music. A love of jazz music from an early age lead her to like-minded soul, Australian jazz pianist legend Bob Sedergreen. With Bob by her side, Mo gained valuable experience playing with Australia's best jazz musicians such as Gil Askey (Motown legend), Sonja Horbelt and Ross Irwin (The Cat Empire).

Mo has continued to experiment with her writing and performance skills over five years, with many different artists including The Coconut Rebellion and post-punk band The Primitive Calculators (formed in the 1970s), of which she is an official member with performances on their upcoming single & album to be released in 2017.

Mo Louie will celebrate the release of 'She Said' with a launch on December 8 at Boney, Melbourne.

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