Michal Rovner, Dislocation: the artist's first solo exhibition in Switzerland, at Espace Muraille

Published by: L' Art en plus | 15-Jan-2019
It is an ambitious spotlight upon the work of a singular artist, humanist and sensitive, whose works speak to universal themes.
Starting January 31, 2019, Espace Muraille will invite the Israeli artist Michal Rovner for her first solo exhibition in Switzerland, perpetuating the venue's stature as one of the top spaces of artistic creation in Switzerland. Curated by Laurence Dreyfus in close collaboration with the artist, her studio and PACE Gallery, which represents her work, the exhibition will present a dozen of Michal Rovner's works of art - video installations and projections - , conceived specifically to dialogue with the space, including a new video especially made for this exhibition. An exhibition catalog will be published on this occasion.

Since first showcasing her video work at her Whitney Museum of American Art retrospective in 2002, Michal Rovner has pioneered the use of the moving image as a non-narrative, non-cinematic medium for the creation of painterly images and installations which, like painting and sculpture, conjure the timeless realities in a way the narrative arts cannot.

"I'm not trying to ignore or get away from reality, but to detect something about reality, which is underneath the details, underneath the story." -Michal Rovner

Abandoning any sense of narrative, Rovner displaces her figures in fragmented sites. Time seems like an event without beginning or end. These abstract, painterly video works explore reflections of an unresolved reality that is troubling. The work of Michal Rovner is particularly relevant today, in a world immersed in crisis of displacement and dislocation.

"The faith of the uprooted, their ceaseless, epic wandering, is at the heart of the work of Michal Rovner" - Simon Schama (from BBC's Civilizations)

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