Metcard: No Return

Published by: Just Another Agency | 27-May-2020
Featuring 45+ Australian Artists artwork on used metcards.
Venue: ONLINE!
Date: Launching June 15th
Time: 12pm
Ticket: Free!
Metcard was the credit card-sized king of Melbourne's public transport system and non-refundable ticket to many Victorian heart zones. Whether by bus, train or tram, this flimsy little blue pass slotted into the everyday lives of commuters and visitors across the city.

Almost a decade later, the memory of Metcard lives on in the minds of passengers and lovingly stockpiled in homes across Melbourne. Take one last ride, as Just Another Agency presents Metcard: No Return', a group exhibition showcasing some of the best artists from across the tracks taking on this little Melbourne icon.

Featuring: 23rd Key - Armed Ksa - Ben Constantine - Bryan Itch - Callum Preston - Cam Scale - Cax One - Chehehe - Chuck Mayfield - Conrad Bizjak - Creature Creature - Dominic Taranto - Dominique Antony - Facter - Fausto - Gigi Gordes - Glen Downey - Hugo Mathias - Jack Douglas - Jenny Antony - Jeswri - Jimmy Dvate - John Murray - Kaitlin Beckett - Kasper - Kate Pullen - Kitt Bennett - Leadbeater - Ling - Loretta Lizzio - Martin E Wills - Max Malone - Michael Cain - Nolij - Oli Ruskidd - Pierre Lloga - Poise - Pore - Resio - Robyn Grove - Roqdraw - Samy Baby - Stiff Ives - Sugar - Tom Gerrard - Zekes Lunchbox

Authorised Metcard Artworks will be launched at 12pm (AEST) on the 15th June 2020 on the Just Another Website.

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