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BY Aidan McLaughlin | 26-Apr-2019
Home alone while waiting for the Leaving Cert results, twins Emma (Jordanne Jones) and Chantal (Leah McNamara) are world's apart - one a goth and another a pink princess. The estranged twin sisters fight their way back to one another in this laugh-out-loud coming of age Millennial comedy.
Venue: Chauvel Cinema
Address: 249 Oxford Street, Paddingotn, Sydney, NSW
Date: 04/05/2019
Time: 6.00pm
Ticket: 28.00
Buy / Ticket: https://irishfilmfestival.com.au/sessions/metal-heart/04_05-2019-600pm/
Web: https://irishfilmfestival.com.au/film/metal-heart/
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Call: +612 8065 7363
Metal Heart
Metal Heart is a poignant coming of age comedy that follows twin sisters Chantel and Emma who couldn’t be more different. One Goth and one beauty queen, the sisters’ sibling rivalry and teenage angst make for a roller coaster emotional ride. Goth girl Emma (Jordanne Jones) and her bubbly blonde sister Chantal (Leah McNamara) are not identical in any way, shape, or form. Emma is withdrawn, forlorn, and pessimistic, whereas her fraternal twin is pretty, popular, and prissy. However, the two must find common ground when their parents abandon them for the summer. It’s the pair’s last hurrah before they go their separate ways: Emma’s bound for college, and Chantal plans to parlay her blog into a big business. This bonding opportunity would be ideal quality time together if the siblings actually got along, but they don’t, and they’re not about to start trying now. Two warring teenage twins mix like oil and water — and have the emotional battle scars to show for it. This film delivers plenty of sweet sentiments about sisterhood, kinship, and honesty to its target market, though the package that surrounds it isn’t as unique as one would hope. The estranged twin sisters fight their way back to one another in this laugh-out-loud coming of age millennial comedy.