Melbourne's Paper House release follow up single 'End of the World'

Published by: Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 18-May-2016
Melbourne's hauntingly beautiful Paper House release new single 'End of the World' from forthcoming debut album A Certain Kind Of Now, due for release in the second half of 2016. @thismuchtalent #PaperHouseMusic
Date: End of the World' out May 25
"A sound so unique that it is near impossible to compare it to anything else"

"Paper House was spectacular, and filled the band room at The Toff, attention fully captured, mouths slightly agape" somethingyousaid

"Blending emotional depth, intriguing interplays of sound, and with vocal melodies that will stick to the inside of your skull all day...they've already found that magic harmony between musical intelligence, invention and feeling." Meltingpotonline

'End of the World' is the much-anticipated follow up to the bands first single 'Rolling Tide', which was released at the end of 2015, and met with rave reviews highlighting the band's signature style of melding pop sensibilities with improvised, unpolished moments.

Recorded and mixed by the band with guitarist Alistair McLean at the helm and mastered by John Ruberto, the gritty guitar introduced in 'Rolling Tide' returns in force, creating a grungier feel in 'End of the World'. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics hint at underlying sincerity or cynicism with bold verses contrasting against playfully paired back choruses before descending into a climactic ending, bringing into play interesting textures from modulating synths.

With their live show being described as "offering you candy and then pushing you in the dirt", Paper House have quickly gained a reputation for their captivating live performances, often collaborating with diverse musicians, artists, filmmakers and set designers, to create immersive experiences for their audiences.

Paper House play with genres, presenting a dynamic live display that weaves through textures and soundscapes but never loses sight of the song.

Single - 'End of the World' out May 25 via

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